Up & Coming Extensions


Site Tracking Requires Restart

Extension to track websites at a domain and page level that you have visited for reference. This is NOT some type of parental control Add-on.

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13 users

Rsstler Requires Restart

An RSS Feed reader in your browser that provides the look of Google Reader.

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24 users

CoderStats link for Github Coders

Display a link to the CoderStats.net page for the currently displayed GitHub user when browsing github.com.

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27 users


Islamic Anashid

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2 users

Password Knight

Security add-on that protects users' passwords by giving them information about the safety of their password field data.

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2 users

Comeback Cached Link

Comeback Cached Link in Google Search Result

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292 users

Classic Style for Favicons (discontinued) Requires Restart

Puts back the favicon in the URL Bar and restores the old favicon behavior with secure sites identity background colors. Optionally doesn't show the Tab Bar when only one tab is open.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (10)
592 users

Show - Hide Bookmarks ToolBar Requires Restart

This 'add-on' allow you to drag a simple grey button to your toolbar allowing you to Show-Hide Bookmarks Toolbar.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (6)
367 users

Mais FM Requires Restart

Instale o aplicativo da Rádio Mais FM de Campina da Lagoa e curta a rádio mais sertaneja do Paraná enquanto navega no Facebook.

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1 user

Anime Takvimi Add-on

Forum ve sitelerde anime bilgilerini ve myanimelist teki izleme durumunuzu gösterir.

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142 users

Get Life Care

Get Life care is all about life. you can find potential donors and life care tips to take care of your life

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1 user

Connexion automatique ENT Requires Restart

Permet un login automatique à ENTMip et Ecollège31

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7 users

InoReader RSS Reader Extension Requires Restart

You'll get a clickable toolbar icon with unseen article count, also you can search inside your feeds by selecting text at any webpage, and choosing search from the context menu.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (24)
1,044 users

Twitch Auto Popout

Automatically popouts out any twitch stream + new upcoming features.

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570 users


Any marked-text. i.e. a wikipedia page-title, is matched to my database to retrieve a collection of similar wikipedia pages (and a couple of free medical reviews).

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1 user

Prefix-Free Addon

This addon makes use of PrefixFree (http://leaverou.github.com/prefixfree/) to make any page's CSS3 work with your browser. This is especially useful when a site only uses selectors with browser prefixes not targeting your own browser.

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5 users

socialteams Notifier

Zeigt Ihnen die Anzahl ungelesener Neuigkeiten in Ihrem socialteams-Netzwerk.

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1 user

SSRead Requires Restart

This is to change font of different sites like Google, Google Plus, FaceBook and Twitter to display correct Sindhi

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3 users


Rotate images, via right-click menu or automatically according to EXIF data.

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449 users


Аддон для поиска выделенного текста на dseye.ru для игроков destinysphere.ru.

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2 users