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Bagf Search

The official Bagf Search Firefox Addon

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Search with DMM


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VOTT.RU: Stop Pupking!

VOTT.RU: скрытие сообщений, подсветка сообщений, погоны

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Post code to FXP

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Vocabmonk is a gamified and personalized vocabulary enhancement app, with a social touch to foster competitive learning driven by powerful and researched artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Add to Dealsplus

Shop, save, and share all the best offers online!

DealsPlus helps you discover, save, and share the best coupons and deals for all your favorite stores.

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Godinterest Share It Button Requires Restart

Share amazing photos and links on Godinterest with the Godinterest Share-It-Button.

What would Jesus Pin?
Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to share cool things that you find across the web.

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Информер баланса "СетиТагила"

Отображает текущий баланс Вашего счета у интернет провайдера «СетиТагила» и предупреждает, если средства на счету заканчиваются.

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Custom Bar Requires Restart

This is a custom bar

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Buy tech with no regret. Get instant access to the best content about the products you're browsing.

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Sk-Live直播列表, Twitch聊天室表情icon

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Colorify Firefox Requires Restart

Click on any of the Colorify toolbar buttons to change the overall color of the page.

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CodeNav makes it easier to explore code on Github.

* Hover over a variable to highlight other references and visualize them on your scrollbar.
* Click an object or variable to search for other instances in the same project.

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Joshua Tree Extension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Usability enhancements for The Housing Bubble Blog (http://www.thehousingbubbleblog.com).

Adds useful features such as tracking/identifying new posts, a navigation toolbar, and an ignore list.

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Tcheuminator Weapon

Little add-on that takes care of you on Pennergame - Sylt.

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Mes idées recettes Auchandirect

Ajoutez des recettes à vos idées grâce à cette extension Auchan Direct !

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SoundLogin Requires Restart

SoundLogin - two-factor authentication at the speed of sound

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Extensión que mejora la usabilidad de los foros de www.u-cursos.cl

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a basic add-on

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Furaffinity Preview

just a small addon for Furaffinity to show bigger previews when you mouseover a thumbnail

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