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aFCA translates the text you select, right on the page. If the translation is obviously wrong, you can look for a better one in Google Dictionary. When you're done, middle-click and you're back on the first page. You can also …

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Utop w Bagnie!

Only for Polish site Bagno. Don't use if you don't intent to register on http://bagno.wieza.org!

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The idea behind URLsum is to assign a specific keyphrase to a URL. Such registered sites are afterwards accessible for anybody world wide via these phrases without the knowledge of their real addresses.

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Semantic Checker

Checks your document for semantic elements and highlights them.

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Personas Windows Classic Statusbar

“Personas” add-on installed, but bottom status bar still gray? This add-on modifies style so Personas footer can show. For desktop's gray “Windows Classic” theme (only Windows 2000 theme) with “Default” app theme. Requires Personas add-on ≤1.5.*.

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The Saloon Bar

The Saloon Bar provides sidebar support for The West (http://www.the-west.net) online game.

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Dead Link Checker - MirrorChecker.com

Checks Free File Hosts for Link Status with right-click menu.

Works with selected (highlighted) text & clickable links.

Rapidshare, 4shared, Zippyshare, Zshare, LetitBit, Badongo, Filefront, Speedyshare, Uploading, BigUpload, YouSendIt & many more!

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Pimp My Facebook Skin!

Dress up your Facebook with a *UNIQUE* design!
More Info: http://apps.facebook.com/nitsanfbskins/

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Sour Spoiler Hater

Spoiler sevmeyenler icin kaka spoilerlari saklama/gosterme $eysi.

This little Add-on hides the spoilers in the Ek$i Sozluk website (http://sozluk.sourtimes.org/).

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The Columbus Dispatch - OFFICIAL Theme

Columbus Dispatch Boom includes: links to the Dispatch site, integrating scrolling news, and a sidebar with the latest sports news! Note: Yahoo! Search will be set as the default search engine. You can always change your search provider, if needed.

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visit getchu over gfw

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Edit and Note

WYSWYG editing a web page immediately in the browser, adding bullets and stickies, saving the page locally.

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Arabic KeyBoard

Another Way To Write It !
Now You Can Write In Arabic Faster !

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eBay Toolbar

Our users say "A MUST have for eBay Shoppers". Easily navigate popular eBay destinations. Monitor eBay visually. Watch eBay trends.
Support eBay US eBay UK eBay Germany eBay France eBay Denmark eBay Spain etc

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Amazing eBay Sidebar Shop

eBay Sidebar Shop gives you a complete eBay shopping experience from the sidebar.
Are you on eBay all the time, but don't want the entire browser window dedicated to it? If so, then this is for you.

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A Firefox extension that makes Google Reader smarter by learning what's really interesting to you.

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Simplest-Image-Hosting.net Quick Upload

Share your images as quick as it is possible!

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Your mobile shopping list, available only in Polish.

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enables you to quickly post links you recently added to the list (drag and drop)

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