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Temporary email and email to image - emailsensei.com functionality in your Firefox

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Enable multi-touch in webpages with the Safari API. Events are forwarded from a TUIO server and then send to a HTML or XUL page.

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Easily read and post comments and ratings for any web page. No registration required.

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DataSheet Fire Finder

Search for electronic components datasheet

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About Add-ons

Adds an About button to extensions, themes, and languages in the Add-ons list.

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You can turn on/off the following preferences at a time by one click, in order to display web page in lightweight.
(1) load image (2) use web color (3) enable JavaScript.
7 bookmark buttons to access your favorite pages are added also.

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iTOL Toolbar

Access your iTOL personal account directly from Firefox.

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L'extension des Validateurs du Site du Zéro

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Extracts colors from images and builds color schemes.

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Kweeper is your visual memory, the reflection of your desires, tastes, emotions.
Kweeper allows you to retrieve, collect and diffuse, in a graphic and visual way, all those pieces of on-line content that attract you : images, texts, videos, audios.

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zzEPG Kedvencek - tévéműsor figyelés egyszerűen

A kijelölt műsor- és filmcímek egyszerű hozzáadása a zzEPG kedvenceihez: csak kijelölöd a kiválasztott műsort egy film, vagy tévéműsor oldalon, és amint zzEPG kedvenc lett belőle, biztosan nem fogsz lemaradni róla.

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46 users

UI Tweaker updated For Firefox 3.6 and below.

This is an updated version of UI Tweaker for Firefox 3.6 and below. The link for the original addon is below :


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28 users

Visitrs - Chat with other visitors on your favorite web sites

Visitrs is a simple and useful live web chat application for connecting other visitors of websites.

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Temporarily Leave a URL for Sidebar

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If you are browsing in a dark environment, then it is very bad for your eyes to read pages with white background. This plugin helps you by turning the webpage to a dark color scheme.

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Bookmark your favourite audio files and create your own podcast of found sounds.

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beneclick.ch donation addon - shop & help

Firefox Addon, mit dem Sie automatisch Spenden generieren können! Ist ein Shop Partner, werden Sie automatisch auf die entsprechende Seite geleitet und bei einem Einkauf wird eine Spende ausgelöst. Einfacher geht es nicht... So macht spenden Spass!

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Video Sniffer

Sniff and collect URLs to video files for later download

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Este complemento le permite seleccionar cualquier cantidad de enlaces y copiarlos al portapapeles. Mayormente sirve para copiar muchos enlaces a la vez en forma de texto y transformado a codigo URL.

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L2.cl Estado de servicios

Muestra el estado del Login y Servidor 1 publicados en www.l2.cl, se actualiza cada 5 minutos.

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