• PixelZilla

    A theme based on pixel art, which should not distract and pleasant to look...
    19 users
  • glowygold

    Gold trimmings with a variety of dark backgrounds.
    It will integrate with most extensions by default.
    673 users
  • Windows Classic for Firefox

    Windows Classic Theme of Firefox for Linux
    71 users
  • ASU

    Arizona State University Theme
    53 users
  • Lovely Lilac

    This is LovelyLilac theme now available for Firefox 3.5. LovelyLilac is a clean and soft lilac color theme for Firefox. If you have feedback and suggestions please visit us at the official Web site
    209 users
  • Winestripe Realfox

    Realfox. the browser, reloaded, again!

    This skin makes Firefox 3 look like Firefox 1.5.
    139 users
  • Sky Orange FF

    Based on a design by Ansgar

    Theme in various blue colors and orange, with square tabs
    505 users
  • Hemperor edition

    Hemperor edition for Firefox

    62 users
  • OldFactory

    Retro-theme with old-fashioned gears and switches.
    699 users
  • HaikuFox

    HaikuFox provides matching OS integration to BeOS users or anyone who appreciates a simple, uncluttered browser appearance. For Firefox 2.0 only. Watch for a new Haiku theme for 3.0 in the future.
    121 users
  • The Bauhaus reloaded

    Warning : This theme was for Firefox 2 and won't be updated. Please use Strata Bauhaus instead : theme for Bauhaus' aficionados. It features Kandinsky's correspondence between the three elementary s...
    79 users
  • Bauhaus_Pure

    Geometric, Iconic, Classic.
    264 users
  • Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 4+

    Experience all the benefits of Firefox 4 (or later) with the colorful toolbar goodness of Firefox 2!

    *** This addon is no longer being maintained; please read the NOTE in the "About this Add-on" details below to see why! ***
    660 users
  • Orbit

    Px Classic for Firefox.
    40 users
  • Netscape Navigator Nostalgia

    Un tema para Firefox 4 o superior que pone en marcha la pregunta: Qué hubiera pasado si Netscape siguiera existiendo?
    Basado en el código de Seven, basado en la nostalgia de muchos usuarios.

    A theme for Firefox 4 or upper.
    217 users
  • N-Scape1

    Uses old Netscape like...
    53 users