• Doodle Plastik

    A childish and colorful theme with menu icons, and a fresh look inspired by KDE's Plastik interface...
    250 users
  • BlackJapanMAX

    A simple, clean and streamlined theme. That Now Takes up less space, and has no more CSS...
    562 users
  • Dark Blue Fiber

    Dark Blue Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    33 users
  • SKY

    Blue and white buttons.
    759 users
  • Strata Aero

    The default Firefox 3 theme for Vista, now for Windows XP too!
    663 users
  • Crystal Alloy Fusion - Blue

    A blue metal background with illuminated red buttons and accents. The colors go very well together, and the effect is an overall darker them with nice illuminating light effects.

    NOTE: I have fixed the multiple arrow issue some users were experienc...
    26 users
  • A Guru Mini

    It is in Silver-Gray, with black colorized Standard Buttons. This Theme replace the original blue Firefox 3 Layout. The theme developed specifically for guru of WEB, which don't like any colored features, and which want more worked space at browser.
    22 users
  • God of War III

    A tribute theme to God of War III.
    95 users
  • Kempelton Reloaded

    Remake of the beautiful Kempelton theme by Arvid Axelsson for Firefox 4 and above.
    314 users
  • Pseutro Light

    Yeah, it's kinda like Metro.
    534 users
  • Cylence Theme 2: Black Edition Beta 2

    Cylence Theme with Full Blackness Support...
    25 users
  • iAqua

    iAqua is a mix of Apple's pill buttons and other Mac elements.
    157 users
  • Gold Steel

    A gold sleek theme

    Download Gold Steel version 1.3.1 fixes compatibility with Firefox 3.6
    81 users
  • Concave Alloy Fusion - Black

    A concaved black alloy,with nice red easy read icons. Overall, a nice fusion of red and black.

    If response to this is well received, I have versions in other colors.

    NOTE: I HAVE FIXED THE MULTIPLE ARROW ISSUE (Mentioned below in some reviews) WI...
    33 users
  • NightShade

    This theme is just an updated version of RulerDark, with some extra new features the original version didn't have (like the much requested favicons in the bookmarks bar).
    Currently there's a version for Firefox 4 in the makings!
    168 users
  • Metal + glass

    291 users