• Aquamarine

    Firefox 2 default theme alternative.
    114 users
    1 weekly download
  • X-Mas

    This Theme makes your Browser suitable for the Christmas Time including animated Snowfall upon the Toolbar, animated Toolbar Icons (Smoking Chimney, Present, Fir Tree), Fairy Lights as Scrollbars and many more...
    166 users
    1 weekly download
  • macbirdgraphite

    The clean look of Mac OS X Firefox 1.0 Graphite on your PC - includes UI elements and enhancements. Based on macfoxII graphite by Kelly...
    6 users
    1 weekly download
  • OpenWorld2

    An OpenWorld icon...
    4 users
    1 weekly download
  • road-sign

    road-sign theme using road-sign like...
    113 users
    1 weekly download
  • BlueQute

    This theme was originally based on the Qute theme designed by Arvid Axelsson. It was modified, to suit the Watercolor theme for WindowsXP (also fits the new Fedora Core 6 theme pretty well), or any blue based them on any OS for that...
    147 users
    1 weekly download
  • IDS-DDI Pinky

    IDS-DDI Pinky firefox theme
    11 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • IDS-DDI Green

    Firefox theme for www.ids-ddi.com
    14 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • BF2fox

    Love Battlefield 2? You'll love BF2fox...
    29 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • No Go Theme

    It's the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 default theme without those annoying Go Buttons next to the address and search...
    8 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • Unofficial Tango

    A clean theme using Tango icons from www.tango-project.o...
    26 users
    0 weekly downloads