• Aeon

    A cool theme with pleasant colors.
    7,414 users
  • Aeon Clouds

    A cool theme with sky and clouds for background.
    4,353 users
  • Aeon Colors

    Aeon Colors is a fun, colorful theme that is bright and cheery.
    4,704 users
  • Aeon Small

    A cool theme with pleasant colors. This theme uses the smaller of the toolbar iconsets from Aeon 6 and earlier. NOTE: To get a dropdown history from a forward or back arrow, right click on it.
    1,208 users
  • Aged Wood for FF2

    with a touch of sepia...
    45 users
  • Aquamarine

    Firefox 2 default theme alternative.
    124 users
  • Basic Brushed

    Basic Brushed Theme for Firefox 3 - update of e|vo's Brushed Theme.
    222 users
  • BF2fox

    Love Battlefield 2? You'll love BF2fox...
    38 users
  • Blue2

    This is a port of Nate Zastrow's Blue to...
    15 users
  • BlueQute

    This theme was originally based on the Qute theme designed by Arvid Axelsson. It was modified, to suit the Watercolor theme for WindowsXP (also fits the new Fedora Core 6 theme pretty well), or any blue based them on any OS for that...
    160 users
  • Curacao

    An exotic yet exquisite alliance of blue and brown and a most soothing and calming theme for a pleasant browsing experience.
    1,257 users
  • Devious Green [updated]

    An updated version of the Devious Green theme that was based on the colour scheme of DeviantArt.com
    385 users
  • die Simpsons DER FILM

    The Simpsons Movie – Theme for Firefox
    283 users
  • Fireburn2

    Fireburn based on the default Firefox theme.
    13 users
  • glowygreen

    Gold trimmings with a variety of dark backgrounds.
    It will integrate with most extensions by default.
    1,819 users
  • glowysilver

    Black theme with silver text and trimmings.
    376 users