xThunder Version History

15 versions

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Version 71.4 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[*]Modify: use login manager to manage utorrent password

Version 70.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support web version of mldonkey,utorrent in Linux
[+]NEW: support DTA 3.0beta3
[+]NEW: support Ctrl+Alt+Click the xThunder button to copy url in sava as dialog
[+]NEW: zh-TW locale
[*]Modify: do not remember file extensions in sava as dialog
[*]Modify: use QQDownload in fengxiang.qq.com
[*]Modify: can show qqOffLine menuitem without toggling QQDownload
[x]FIXED: call QQDownload failure when it is a candidate downloader
[x]FIXED: decoding failure in 2tu.cc

Version 66.4 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: xThunder button integration to save as dialog
[+]NEW: support left click in kuai.xunlei.com
[+]NEW: support restartless DTA nightly
[+]NEW: support Progressive Downloader in Mac
[+]NEW: support argument template of cookie file for customized downloaders
[+]NEW: extensions.xthunder.vodTemplate to customize VOD template
[x]FIXED: decoding download url of 115 mydisk
[x]FIXED: decoding failure of www.huacolor.com

Version 65.9 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support aria2 in Windows
[+]NEW: support curl and aria2 in Mac
[+]NEW: option of compacting context menu
[+]NEW: try candidate downloaders when url is unsupported
[*]Modify: show corresponding agent list in different OS
[*]Modify: delete the option of UDown Url
[*]Modify: get rid of decoding DBank link
[x]FIXED: decoding download url of 115
[x]FIXED: decoding failure caused by domain change of goxiazai.cc and xunbo.cc
[x]FIXED: download failure by DTA without referrer in ishare.iask.sina.com.cn
[x]FIXED: decoding failure of the gContextMenu link with child nodes
[!]KERNEL: no error dialog with -silent argument

Version 65.0 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support wine-thunder in Linux
[+]NEW: support Mac Thunder
[+]NEW: support wget batch downloading
[+]NEW: support cmd tool to choose download directory and run in terminal

Version 63.2 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: Thunder VOD in xThunder Link submenu or middle click xThunder OffLine
[+]NEW: extensions.xthunder.vodMember=false to use oaBT VOD
[+]NEW: listen right click and middle click on OK button in save as dialog
[+]NEW: support huacolor.com and gamersky.com
[*]Modify: delete accesskey of xThunder menuitem
[*]Modify: en-US homepage and some zh-CN translation
[x]FIXED: get wrong 115 url after logging in
[x]FIXED: xThunder All error on about:addons

Version 62.2 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support UDown 2.3 and NetTransport
[+]NEW: support customized downloaders
[+]NEW: support Linux
[+]NEW: support goxiazai.com
[*]Modify: support ed2k protocol by ThunderLite
[*]Modify: do not decode 115.com/file, only decode udown link after log in
[x]FIXED: download failure when string length of cmd exceeds its limit

Version 58.8 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support UDown
[+]NEW: extensions.xthunder.dtaOneClick to use DTAOneClick
[+]NEW: options of using web version for QQDownload offLine
[*]Modify: hide status bar icon by default
[*]Modify: ignore remember choice in save as dialog
[*]Modify: calling downloaders more smoothly in context menu
[x]FIXED: nouse default behavior when cancel monitoring Ctrl+Alt+Click
[!]KERNEL: pass cmd arguments to speed up calling downloaders

Version 58.3 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support FlashGetMini,Orbit,FDM
[+]NEW: support 115.com new version and uuu9.com
[+]NEW: options of offLine separator and show offLine items anyway
[+]NEW: Ctrl+Alt+Click to copy decoded url
[*]Modify: hide xThunder All hotkey by default
[*]Modify: separate MiniThunder from Thunder
[*]Modify: use 115 page url as referrer
[x]FIXED: download failure caused by save as dialog getting wrong referrer
[x]FIXED: cannot decode some links because of 7369.com domain changed
[x]FIXED: MiniThunder cannot download CID resources
[x]FIXED: problem caused by newline character of description

Version 55.6 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support thunder downloading CID resources
[+]NEW: support dbank online disk
[+]NEW: offline download to xThunder drop down list
[*]Modify: do not close drop down list when only one downloader
[*]Modify: apply 'Filter files by extension first' to 115u and images in page
[*]Modify: icon of offline download
[x]FIXED: cannot decode 115u
[x]FIXED: name or extension recognition of some links is incorrect
[x]FIXED: problem caused by newline character

Version 53.9 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: offLine download of Thunder and QQDownload(turn off by default)
[+]NEW: left, right, middle click xThunder menuitem to call different downloaders
[+]NEW: options of customize downloader order and restore default
[*]Modify: auto close submenu when only one downloader
[*]Modify: left click support thunder:// links by default
[x]FIXED: referrer url of save as dialog is incorrect
[x]FIXED: do not support api of DTA 3.0
[x]FIXED: Thunder 5.9 cannot download 115u
[x]FIXED: recognition of 115u home links is incorrect

Version 51.1 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: option of 'Filter files by extension first'
[x]FIXED: some links cannot be downloaded because of getting cookie failure
[x]FIXED: recognition of some links of ffdy.cc is incorrect
[x]FIXED: recognition of some links of common file type is incorrect

Version 55.0 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

[+]NEW: support FlashGet 1.7 and 1.9
[+]NEW: support oabt.org ed2k and hltm.cc
[+]NEW: options of xThunder Link submenu, xThunder All hotkey, xThunder in save as dialog
[x]FIXED: call FlashGet failure when xThunder All first time
[!]KERNEL: never use binary XPCOM, support Firefox 3.5 - 8.0a1

Version 1.0.0 34.8 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 5.*

[+]NEW: support downloaders of FlashGet3,BitComet,IDM,DownThemAll!
[+]NEW: status bar icon
[+]NEW: customize downloaders list
[*]Modify: ctrl+Click open decoded link in background
[*]Modify: left click support without restarting Firefox
[*]Modify: set url text as description when download all
[x]FIXED: xThunderComponent conflicting with ThunderExtension

Version 0.9.1 28.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 5.*

[+]NEW: support MiniThunder and QQDownload
[+]NEW: xThunder downloader choice in save as dialog
[+]NEW: context menu hidden and download including images option
[+]NEW: hot key of xThunder All is Alt+F1
[+]NEW: xThunder option button in toolbar
[*]Modify: use built-in encoders and wrap loose variables and functions
[x]FIXED: FlashGot hide the xThunder menu
[x]FIXED: 115u change interface
[x]FIXED: hiding menu is conflicted with some extension
[x]FIXED: link detect incorrectly
[!]KERNEL: rewrite XPCOM to support Firefox 3.6-5.*