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I stopped using WOT a while ago because it really would slow down Firefox a lot. Once I removed it, Firefox was running fast once again. I tried this on three different computers (two desktops and a laptop) and the problem was the same. 4 friends of mine who learned of WOT from me and installed it on their computers too reported the same and do not use it any more.Recently, however, I decided to try and to use it again, as I had new information on a rather questionable firm's site which I recall I (and some of my friends) had commented on WOT a long time ago, so I downloaded it and decided to try and figure out where I had left off. I already had an account with WOT ; I did use it quite a bit in the past, and so did other friends of mine, who would often log in to their WOT from my computer to provide input to their own sites of interests (and I would from theirs). At the time there was no warning given to me that this might lead to any issues. Hence they would sometimes connect to their WOT from their homes, and sometimes from mine (and I would do the same); as of course people often connect to Facebook from other locations, so we thought it was fine to do so here too. They have now removed WOT from their systems like I did (it slowed down Firefox) so I do not know if the same issue happened to them; an issue I will describe below: It turns out, as I discovered eventually, that my account is banned as I was suspected of using multiple accounts. How I figured this out though is particularly interesting, as it is near impossible to figure that by yourself. The way I figured it out is because I had my email linked to Facebook and tried to log in from there. That is how I found out that my username/email had been banned. I am not sure why WOT never sent me an email to let me know of this fact or why it did not let me know of this fact when I tried to log in as normal (simply claiming my email did not exist, or username did not exist etc). If I did not have a facebook account I would have thought there was some huge bug in the process which did not allow me to log on. You see, I thought I had forgotten my password (before going to facebook). So I asked for a new one and it simply said that my email address (or usename, I tried both) did not exist. Ironically, when I eventually realized that my account was suspended for 'suspicious behavior' I could not contact them since in order to do so one needs to be able to log in.It is my impression that at some point WOT received many complaints about multiple accounts and they decided to take action. However, it appears they may have never bothered contacting those whose accounts they blocked (at least they did not contact me). I presume they probably looked at someone's IP to figure out if multiple users log in from there on a regular basis. Of course, many friends and people share the same IP addresses, log in to each other's computers; and of course people do use pseudonyms to protect themselves from online fraud. To ensure I was not mistaken about this, I went to check some of the hundreds of comments I had left on sites I had visited, where I had provided accurate and extensive information over a long time; and unsurprisingly they had all been removed. So not only was my account banned but all the information I had provided (which had meant a lot of conscientious work on my part -- I am well educated holding two masters and a doctorate in science so I learn to write responsibly) had been removed as well just like that. It was recommended that I contact them should I think this was in error, but to contact them I had to log on: deadlock. At least no other option was immediately obvious to me, which to me is the same thing. I am not a criminal, nor do I have to search high and low to use some arcane method to prove my honesty to a bunch of people whom (when all is said and done) I do not know, nor do they know me. Obviously, in such matters one expects the one who bans to inform the other party automatically. They can choose to ignore my reply, but they have the ethical responsibility to give me that chance.I admit that when I found out about this (before logging through Facebook) I also did try to create a new account, but that was only because I was under the impression that my old one had been deleted due to inactivity.Clearly, this is a serious matter of unprofessional conduct on WOT's part and the fact that they did not let me know why they were suspending my account (not even in the form of some generic courtesy email) shows lack of professional ethos and consideration towards the user.I will not use WOT in the future. The security of websites is best left to professionals such as anti-spyware companies who work day and night to provide real insight into the security issues, scams and other malware.As for reporting questionable businesses linked to sites, the best route I found is to use sites such as e.g. the excellent I have successfully reported a number of shady companies myself and I am glad to see that the admin ask for confirmation of purchase and other details that prove I did buy from or deal with said company/ies.There are many other good sites who can help one receive a more balanced view about something. WOT is most certainly an interesting idea but not the answer. Time to move on.


While WOT shouldn't slow down Firefox, it has in the past. It is in fact the reason I uninstalled it in the first place. It also appears I am not the only one who had this issue, if I am any judge from others' comments. Blocking is turned off from the settings but I still had issues.

It is completely untrue that I created more than one accounts even if other accounts were created from the same IP address (friends etc.). By WOT's way of thinking, if two people create a new account on Hotmail from the same computer, all users of that computer should be banned. Another example: this Mozilla account is new. It is only an hour ago though that I discovered I had created an older Mozilla Firefox account whose details I had hidden somewhere in a drawer which I had completely forgotten about. By WOT's logic, since I made two accounts from the same IP address, Mozilla should ban this account! Of course, the situation with WOT is not the same as creating two email accounts. I do understand the need to be cautious about multiple accounts and comments; this however does not always mean intentional foul play.

Also (presumably after the blocking) I was never notified when I attempted to re-log on. All it said was that my email-username does not exist, no matter what combination I tried. I am not sure if this is a bug, but this is what happened to me. This is in fact what forced me to seek various other emails (mine and friends' with permission -- I don't have billions of emails) and password combos from old notes I kept in order to try and test them and (as I mentioned) I even attempted to create a new one using another email account! I simply thought my account had been deleted due to inactivity and I was trying to see if this was indeed the case or if I had forgotten my password. That my account was blocked did not even cross my mind. The only way I found that my email was blocked was because I happened to have linked it to Face-book and only then it informed me that I was blocked. Had I not tried to log on through Face-book I would have never known since, despite WOT's claims, I did not get any message saying that I was blocked.

Even when the username was finally shown to be suspended, I noticed no link that allowed me to do anything. There was a "contact" link which simply led me to contact WOT through means such as with the help of forums which again required logging in. I did not see the link WOT mention, although it is possible that I missed it. It was all rather confusing and in the end I just gave up.

Since "the next time [I] attempted to log in" I was not notified (until I chanced upon log on through Facebook, which I don't use much; I almost didn't even try it out) and since WOT "don't contact the owners of the accounts" as they should (it is called common courtesy), and since all past comments were automatically removed, I simply uninstalled this app.

I do not feel that WOT addresses those issues in the appropriate manner with respect for the end user and I have no desire to use it again. And, as it has already been mentioned by others, at the end of the day it is nothing more than a social 'like/dislike' site.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120926.1-signed). 

WOT shouldn't slow down your browser. If it does, make sure you have turned off blocking from the settings. You can also turn off ratings from the sites where you don't need them:

Your account was suspended, because you had created more than one account, which is a violation of our terms of service. Our system automatically watches for suspicious accounts and suspends them. We don't contact the owners of the accounts, they will be notified the next time they attempt to log in.

You don't need to be logged in to contact us. There's a link to the contact form directly on the page that informs you that your account has been suspended. If you would like to have one of our accounts restored, please use the contact form and explain the situation: