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I wonder why WOT is still a featured add-on. Concept is nice, implementation is flawed. Very flawed.
You will know once you read their forums. You will want to use the Spider Man Meme "That post gave me cancer". Allow me to do a summary of what usually happens in their "forums". A webmaster asks kindly to reevaluate his site. One user will comment rated with a red font color, states that it looks suspicious (note he is rating it without actually doing a professional review of the site). The webmaster asks why did the rater rates him red, what will happen next is that a swarm of users will comment rated (again with the annoying font color red) like they are the f****** boss or something. My suggestion to other users, use something more professional. Allow me to post an example of WOT and it's "amazing" users. See this thread in their forums. http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/28362-hyperventilation-de . Now I don't know if that site is really dangerous, and so is the stupid WOT members.The webmaster is questioning while the user "giedrius" is rating his site bad, note that THE WEBMASTER IS TRYING TO CONTACT THAT PERSON AND IS NOT REPLYING TO HIM. Talk about manners. Second if you read the thread see the comment of the user "SuperHero58". It seems that he is friends with the other one.He is mad as the webmaster is questioning his friend. See his comment "giedrius is one of the must underrated user at WOT , I have a great respect for his work and I am very happy to see him again @ @Reinrag =
You are in luck , your site is being rated by the top raters [ two or three are missing ] but over all the top gums are here :-}
Rated !
If and when your site is rated as trusted by the all of the raters here , pm me NOT before
Thanks". Now I want to highlight his ARROGANT ATTITUDE. YOU ARE IN LUCK, YOUR SITE IS BEING RATED BY THE TOP RATERS [TWO OR THREE ARE MISSING] BUT OVER ALL THE TOP GUMS ARE HERE. What does that statement suggest? Yes, the developers comment "ratings" cannot be manipulated with their super "algorithm" is clearly a lie. If their "top" users want to rate a site bad, it will be bad, if good, it will be good. The "top" users are stupid, probably doesn't know about real privacy problems etc.You can see similar events happening in their forums, be sure to check it out if you want to laugh at the stupidity of people. :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120926.1-signed). 

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