It needs Palemoon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I understand that the author doesn't want to get too deeply involved but the FF family should include Palemoon. I am going to disable it and request that one addition. However, 4 stars seems fair for a comparatively good user agent switcher.

Actually I've been exclusively using Palemoon myself for the last 3 years, ever since I discovered it -- much better for the heavy non-trendy users than FF. The reason I didn't include PM's UA strings (other than being lazy) is that IMO you never actually _need_ to differentiate from FF in the eyes of websites. Plus, I prefer to hide in the crowd...
But I might add the PM strings very soon, and also do some mopping around the other menus. Cross your fingers.

Perfect Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this update!
with the other version of the user agent that worked rg1.0 unfortunately not on my Motorola Lapdock Atrix4G with connected.
the Lapdock - Webtop application a Firefox 6.0.2 Motorola Mobility Webtop is installed.
and some websites are so behind the forest (eg. facebook), they provide not even a web version (desktop) are available.

With the new version it works, not directly through the Firefox 6 but the Chrome setting!

A developer on the high ......

with friendly greetings

Danke für dieses update!
mit der anderen version des user agent rg1.0 klappte das leider nicht auf meinem Motorola Atrix4G mit angeschlossenem Lapdock.
über die Lapdock - Webtop anwendung ist ein Firefox 6.0.2 Motorola Mobility Webtop installiert.
und einige webseiten sind so hinter dem wald (zb. facebook), das sie nicht mal eine webversion (desktop) zur verfügung stellen.

mit der neuen version klappt es zwar nicht direkt über die Firefox 6 sondern über die Chrome einstellung!

Ein hoch auf den entwickler......

mit freundlichen grüßen