Tree Style Tab Version History

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Version 2.0.7 510.1 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

2.0.7 (2017.10.18):
  • Better tree restoration for restored sessions.

Version 2.0.6 513.0 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

2.0.6 (2017.10.17):
  • Allow to open new active child tab under a parent tab which is internally collapsed. (regression on 2.0.3)
  • Restore collapsed/expanded state of tree after crash recovery, if possible.
  • tabs.Tab.openerTabId of each tab is now updated based on tree structure, for other addons.
  • Tabs with updated tabs.Tab.openerTabId are now automatically attached to the opener's tree. (Due to the bug 1409262, updated relation is not applied immediately.)
  • Scroll to the focused tab correctly, when it is focued by Firefox's browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose feature.

Version 2.0.5 510.5 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

2.0.5 (2017.10.14):
  • Restore tree for tabs restored from crash, if possible.
  • The tab bar is scrolled to newly attached child tab prior to its parent, if the parent is already out of the viewport.
  • Animation effect for completely loaded tab won't be applied again and again for already loaded tabs anymore.
  • Clicking on the tab bar itself is now cancelable by other addons. If any addon returns true for the notified message with the type tabbar-clicked, TST's default behavior (open new tab) is canceled.
  • Apply macOS specific behavior on macOS correctly.

Version 2.0.4 503.2 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

  • The current tab is never scrolled out when a new tab is opened and the tab bar turned to "overflow" mode.
  • Never show blue gradient for notification when the window is resized.

Version 2.0.3 538.3 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

  • Tree structure is restored when Firefox is started with some extra URLs (or files.)
  • Sidebar UI is now rendered with the system font for message boxes (same to Firefox's tabs).
  • "Max level of indentation" config works more correctly (including 0 case.)
  • Focus redirection for closing current tab works more correctly.
  • "Close Other Tabs" command in the fake context menu don't close pinned tabs anymore.
  • Click actions on fake context menu items now work only on certain correct cases.
  • The fake context menu is shown on the correct timing same to native context menu on the platform.
  • Last scroll position of the tab bar is now restored.
  • TST sidebar's initialization process is optimized and now it is opened more quickly.
  • Add a new option to activate behaviors around tree when TST's sidebar is not shwon. The option is activated by default now.
  • Tabs opened at startup (like "Home" with multiple URLs) aren't grouped anymroe. The maximum delay to detect "opened on startup" is customizable and it is 500msec by default.
  • Sound indicator icon is correctly updated for changes. (regression on 2.0.2)
  • "New Tab" button in the sidebar opens new next sibling tab correctly (if you configured).
  • Collapse/expand tree by changing focus and closing current tab more correctly.
  • Collapsed/expanded state of tree is restored more correctly.
  • Infinitely animation throbbers are gone.
  • Restore closed tabs with previous tree strucutre more correctly.
  • Restoring of closed duplicated tabs unexpectedly broke tree structure.
  • Too narrow height of tabs is corrected for the "Metal" theme.
  • Tabs moved next to collapsed tree by Firefox or other addons won't be attached to the collapsed tree anymore.
  • Invalid middle click (the mouse is moved out before mouseup) is correctly ignored for "close the tab" on a tab and "open new tab" on blank area.
  • Focusing and positioning of duplicated/restored tabs are processed more correctly.
  • Ghost tabs won't be produced anymore from tabs closed after opened immediately.
  • Select tab immediately when mousedown event is fired on a tab, like legacy TST.
  • Use more suitable term "end" instead of "last" for labels of some configurations.
  • New tabs opened at the end of the tab bar is now completely shown (if possible) when the tab bar turns into "overflow" mode by the opened tab.
  • Simple ping API to check TST's living status from other addons is now available.
  • Tabs gotten with get-tree API now have correct active status.

Version 2.0.2 485.4 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

  • Open new tab by middle click on the blank area, like Firefox does.
  • Synchronize animation of throbbers, like Firefox does.
  • Apply "burst" animation for completely loaded tabs, like Firefox does.
  • Show fake context menu with the system font for menu items.
  • Process fake context menu commands correctly when the menu is opened on non-tab area.
  • Fix invisible throbber on active tab with some themes.
  • Open new tab as next sibling without breaking tree, when the current tab is a root tab.
  • Group tabs by a dummy tab correctly on secondary and later windows.
  • Don't open needless group tab in a rest window when another window is closed.
  • Don't highlight unread pinned tabs when they are not faviconized.
  • Respect Frirefox's behavior of browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose more correctly. Now the "owner" tab is focused when the current tab is closed. You need to disable the option via about:config if you hope TST to control focusing of tabs completely.
  • Don't create recursively grouped tabs from newly opened tabs.
  • New APIs to override the wheel scrolling behavior are now available.
  • Updated zh-CN locale by YFdyh000, thanks!

Version 2.0.1 472.7 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

  • "Middle click to close tab" behavior becomes same to Firefox's one (closed on mouseup).
  • "Dragging" appearance of tabs are correctly cleared when the dragging is canceled.
  • Tabs were too easily detached from the window by drag and drop of a tab onto itself. Now dropping of a tab onto itself is simply ignored.
  • Fix missing translation in Japanese locale.
  • Fix too large padding in tabs in the "Sidebar" theme (by Niklas Hambüchen. Thanks!)
  • The option to control positioning of tabs opened by "New Tab" command is now applied for tabs opened by keyboard shortcut Ctrl-T (⌘-T), if they are opened with the URL "about:newtab". (But there are some problems. See also technical details.)
  • "Open as next sibling" choice for options to control new tab position works more correctly.
  • Focusing of tabs is controlled more correctly for closing current tab.
  • "Move Tab to New Window" in the sidebar context menu works correctly.
  • Reduce CPU usage for throbber animation.
  • WhatsApp Web tabs were unexpectedly eats CPU resource.
  • Last effective icons are restored correctly after restart, for some websites including WhatsApp Web.
  • Tabs are updated more correctly by events. For example, view-source tabs are shown with correct title more certainly.
  • Restore tree structure when a parent tab is restored after it was replaced with a group tab.
  • All collapsed descendant tabs are now shown in the tooltip.
  • An announcement message is shown automatically, when TST is updated from legacy version to 2.x or later.
  • Now pinned tabs are easily unfaviconized. (A new checkbox is added in TST's configurations.)

Version 2.0 463.9 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0a1 and later

  • Rebuilt on WebExtensions.

Version 0.19.2017090601 1.4 MiB Works with Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

  • Tree Style Tab's configurations and tree information are now exportable, as a migration assistance for Firefox 57 and later. See the "Advanced" section in the configuration dialog.
  • Tree restoration on the startup or restored window is just triggered by SSWindowReady now. TST don't wait SSTabRestoring event anymore.
  • Fix too frequently redrawing of the tab bar by any animation effect in Firefox's toolbar.

Version 0.19.2017090201 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

  • Tab bar position is updated after visibility of a toolbar is changed with animation effect.
  • Initialize itself correctly on lately versions of Firefox.
  • Duplicated bookmarks won't be created.
  • "ru" locale is updated by Infocatcher. Thanks!
  • "fr-FR" locale is updated by AxlMun. Thanks!

Version 0.19.2017061601 1.4 MiB Works with Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

  • Works on Nightly 56.0a1.
  • Allow to drop multiple local files to the tab bar, on Firefox 52 and later.
  • Scroll to a newly opened tab if possible.
  • Load a URI in an existing tab when it is dropped into the content area. (New tabs were wrongly opened by such operations.)
  • Refresh tab bar correctly when any new notification appears.
  • Support "Compact Dark" theme on Firefox 53 and later.
  • Open tabs from middle-clicked items in "Synced Tabs" sidebar as new root tabs.
  • Support contextual tabs on Firefox 54 and later.

Version 0.19.2017031101 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 52.0 - 55.0a1

  • Works on lately Firefox versions. (Tested on Nightly 55.0a1.)
  • Drop support for Firefox 51 and older versions.
  • Introduce a new choice "No control" as the position of new child tabs. If you choose the option, new child tabs from links will be opened like Firefox's default behavior.
  • Introduce a new choice "Click" as an action to show shrunken/collapsed tab bar.
  • Treat child tabs opened by the preference browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent=true more correctly.
  • Fix broken configuration UI for the "auto hide delay".
  • The position of the tab bar is now changable again by drag and drop.
  • Collapse the dragged tree while dragging. The experimental "shrink" behavior in the previous release was removed.
  • Open new blank tab as next sibling tab correctly, even if the current tab is in a last tree.
  • Restore children tabs correctly when a parent tab is restored by "undo close tab" command.
  • Fix visual erros in the "Vertigo" skin.
  • Avoid fingerprinting by website authors.
  • Added Greek translation by Vangelis Skarmoutsos. Thanks!
  • Known issue: opened or expanded tabs sometimes stay invisible until you move the mouse cursor on it, due to Firefox 52's bug. This doesn't happen on Firefox 53 and later. Simple workaround is disabling of tab animations by browser.tabs.animate=false in about:config.

Version 0.18.2016111701 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 45.0 - 52.*

  • New background tabs are opened correctly. (The first opened tab was opened in the foreground unexpectedly.)
  • Shrink other dragged tabs while dragging. (experimental feature)
  • Better handling of "Tabs in Titlebar" feature of Firefox itself.
  • Open new tab as a next sibling morecorrectly.
  • Better styling of tabs with the "Metal" skin on macOS (OS X). (Many thanks to Andrew Shu! patch 1, patch 2)
  • Show microphone icon on Nightly 51.0a1 in pinned tabs correctly.
  • Isolate from old libraries and old unrecommended methods.

Version 0.18.2016090802 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 45.0 - 51.0a1

  • Failed to initialize the browser window with a preference: browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar=false (regression on 0.18.2016090601.)

Version 0.18.2016090801 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 45.0 - 51.0a1

  • The dialog to choose how tabs to be opened from a bookmark folder is now cancelable. (If you choose the "Cancel" button, the operation will be totally canceled and no tab will be opened.)
  • Isolate codes from new Function().

Version 0.18.2016090601 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 45.0 - 51.0a1

  • Isolate codes from eval() hack.
  • Drop support for Firefox 44 and older versions.
  • Remove compatibility codes for unsupported/unpublished/obsolete addons: Google Toolbar, Snap Links, Highlander, PermaTabs, FullerScreen, DragNDrop Toolbars, Optimoz Tweaks, Tabberwocky, Super DragAndGo, Drag de Go, FLST, Mouse Gestures Redox, Aging Tabs, Autohide, Smoothly Close Tabs, IE Tab Plus, Locationbar², DomainTab and TotalToolbar
  • Remove compatibility codes for Tab Mix Plus's custom session management system. Now it is strongly recommended you to use Firefox's built-in session management system. If you choose the TMP's session management, there is no guaranty about what happens.
  • Fix broken tab color of Firefox 51 and later(due to bug 1297157.)
  • Better handling about positioning of new tabs duplicated by other addons.
  • Now you can drop tabs onto another tab more easily. (The drop area of each tab is enlarged.)
  • The tab bar can be shrunken even if there is something wide toolbar item like the search bar.
  • Better positioning of tabs opened from the last child tab.
  • Tabs opened from inline frames or webpages including base tag are attached to the current tab as new children correctly.
  • Reduce warnings from undefined CSS properties (by asamuzaK. Thanks!)
  • Supports contextual tab coloring on Firefox 51 and later.
  • Remove icons from the pane switcher in the configuration dialog (because Firefox 50 and later have no suitable icon for some categories).
  • A new secret preference extensions.treestyletab.blockTabsInTitlebar in introduced to allow customization with userChrome.css around "tabs in titlebar" style.
  • Tabs duplicated by ctrl-drag-and-drop of a tree are duplicated with correct tree structure.
  • Reduce warnings about "unsafe CPOW usage" for the "view image" command.

Version 0.17.2016061501 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 50.0a1

  • Scrollbar in the tab bar couldn't operated by mouse if you show the menu bar, at Firefox 47 on Windows.
  • The tab bar was wrongly fixed to "overflowed" state after you shrink the tab bar too narrow.
  • Better compatibility with the "Dark" theme of Firefox Developer Edition.
  • Better compatibility with FireGestures.
  • The width of expanded tab bar isn't enlarged too much, when shrunken tab bar is going to be wider than expanded tab bar.
  • Introduce a new secret preference extensions.treestyletab.controlNewTabPosition to disable new tab position control by TST itself. When you use any other addon like Tab Mix Plus which provides ability to control new tab position for bookmarks or others, you possibly get better experience with turning it to false.
  • The hidden tab bar is never expanded for feedback around pinned tabs.

Version 0.17.2016031101 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 49.*

  • Open bookmark groups as a tree correctly, even if it is the first time for an window. (regression)
  • Apply configured max indent level for vertical tab bar correctly. (regression)
  • Allow to unmute tab always, even if the sound is not played. (regression)
  • Implement pseudo tree in about:treestyletab-group tabs and the rich tooltip without XHTML. (We don't need to mix XHTML and XUL to apply multi-column properties of CSS.)
  • Activate multi-column layout only when it is required, at tooltip of tabs and dummy group tabs.

Version 0.17.2016030402 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.*

  • Show rich tooltip with multiple columns even if there are only short title tabs.
  • Avoid initialization error on newly opened group tabs.

  • Allow to specify different delay for autoshow/hide on mousemove, via secret preferences and extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.delay.hide.
  • Keep current tab visible after the window is resized, even if there are too many tabs with a scrollbar.
  • Don't scroll to a hidden tab when it is newly opened.
  • Dropped non-URI text (maybe including whitespaces) onto the tab bar is opened with a search result tab. The behavior is same to Firefox's default.
  • Better layout for fake tree in multiple columns (at tooltip of tabs and dummy group tabs).
  • Behaviors around multiple home pages are improved.
  • On the startup, they are opened as flat tabs and not grouped.
  • For left click of the home button, flat new tabs are opened instead of loading the first home page into the current tab.
  • For middle click of the button, home tabs are opened as a tree.
  • Don't leave needless group tab after a tree is detached, when a closed parent tab is configured to be replaced with a dummy group tab.
  • Narrow scroll bar in the tab bar is now more compatible with other customizations.
  • Tree of tabs are now always collapsable for both horizontal and vertical. Moreover, indentation of tabs also activated for the vertical tab bar always. There is no way to revoke those tree features. If you just require vertical tab bar without tree features, please try other alternative addons: Vertical Tabs, Vertical Tabs (Simplified), Side Tabs, or others.
  • de-DE locale is updated by Björn Kautler. Thanks!
  • ru locale is updated by Infocatcher. Thanks!

Version 0.16.2016021602 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.0a1

  • Attach new tabs only actually opened with relatedToCurrent=true option (or referrer) to the current tab, as the default behavior for compatibility with other addons.
  • Tree in group (dummy) tabs is now shown with multiple columns. (You can disable the feautre by extensions.treestyletab.groupTab.columnize=false.)
  • Tree in tooltip is now shown with multiple columns. (You can disable the feautre by extensions.treestyletab.tooltip.columnize=false.)
  • Fix regression: open bookmarks as separate tabs for user preference.
  • Better appearance for narrow scrollbar in the tab bar.
  • Add ability to collapse/expand the tab bar by middle click on the splitter.
  • Expand the tab bar to feedback what's happen, when a tab has new title, in the "auto hide" mode.
  • Add secret preferences to disable expanding of the tab bar to feedback what's happen for each case:,,, and
  • When the tab bar is expanded for a feedback, the subject tab is now highlighted.
  • Add a new choice when a parent tab is closed: now you can replace the closed parent tab with a new group tab.
  • de-DE locale is updated by Björn Kautler. Thanks!
  • ru locale is updated by Infocatcher. Thanks!

Version 0.16.2016021201 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.0a1

  • Better compatibility with Tab Badge addon.
  • Never touch session history of remote tabs (on e10s activated). It raised exception and broke tree structure when a parent tab is closed and the next parent is a remote tab.
  • Reduce eval() hack.
  • Gave up to disable the preference browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent. Now TST respects the default behavior for the preference, about new tabs opened from links.
  • All new tabs opened via the gBrowser.addTab() method with the option relatedToCurrent:true or a referrer information are now basically opened as children of the current tab. By this change, new tabs from various other addons will be opened as children of the current tab without any hack.
  • New tabs from are now opened as orphan tabs, when TST cannot find the possible parent tab from the referrer information.
  • A new APIs to open new orphan tab is added: gBrowser.treeStyleTab.readyToOpenOrphanTab() and gBrowser.treeStyleTab.readyToOpenOrphanTabNow(). They are useful to open new independent tab with relatedToCurrent:true (to go back to the previous "current" tab after the new tab closed immediately).
  • Never shrink the tab bar when it is scrolled.
  • No more flashing issue of the tab bar in the "auto hide" mode, while moving focus on tabs by Ctrl-Tab.
  • Handle long press of the Ctrl key even when browser.ctrlTab.previews is true.
  • Fixup tree structure of tabs after moving of tabs by Ctrl-Shift-PageUp/PageDown more correctly.
  • Don't shrink/hide the tab bar with simple focus change, if it triggers changing of the visibility of a menu item in the toolbox.

Version 0.16.2015122501 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 46.*

  • Initialize itself correctly on Firefox 38. (regression)
  • Don't show thin glay bar for pinned tabs on fullscreen HTML5 video.
  • Activate/deactivate auto hide feature for fullscreen mode correctly, on Firefox 38.
  • Don't change the scroll position of the tab bar, when it is expanded from shrunken.

Version 0.16.2015113001.1-let-fixed 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.*

  • New tabs can be opened even if Speed Dial or some addons are activated.
  • Clicking at the grippy in the tab bar splitter expands collapsed tab bar correctly. (regression)
  • "New Folder" and "Bookmark Properties" works again. (regression)
  • Don't shake the tab bar when it is scrolled by spacers in the arrowscrollbox.
  • Show the tab bar automatically by mousemove on developer tools.
  • Show preferred label "auto hide" or "auto shrink" for the menuitem to toggle "auto hide" feature from the tab context menu.
  • A new secret preference extensions.treestyletab.closeParentBehavior.promoteAllChildrenWhenParentIsLastChild is instoruced to disable a safeguard for the edge case: promoting all children to the upper level when a parent tab which has no sibling is closed.
  • Restore order of rearranged tabs more correctly.
  • Don't break tree structre for tab rearrangings triggered by Ctrl-Shift-PageUp/PageDown.
  • Disallow to enlarge the width of the tab bar over a harf of a window, by dragging of the splitter.

Version 0.16.2015111001 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.0a1

  • Free memory for closed windows correctly (it was grabbed by living-dead event listeners.)
  • Highlighted color of updated pinned tabs is shown correctly.
  • The feature "Bookmark this tree" and the property dialog of bookmark folders now work correctly.
  • The height of the closebox in each tab is never changed anymore.
  • The navigation toolbar is shown correctly below window buttons on OS X.

Version 0.16.2015110801 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.0a1

  • The title bar is now hidden for permanently shown menu bar. (Otherwise the menu bar is not draggable to move the window itself.)
  • Regression: Tabs opened via GM_openInTab() are placed at the top of existing child tabs of the current tab, if it is the default position of newly opened children.
  • Regression: "Search with..." in the context menu works correctly.

Version 0.16.2015110701 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.0a1

  • The API TreeStyleTabService.getLastDescendantTab() now returns correct value always.
  • Open "View Source" result as a child of the current tab.
  • Follow the position of the tab bar to changes around the social sidebar.
  • Don't reposition/update the tab bar when the window regains focus or the sidebar is switched between different panels.
  • Don't shrink the width of the tab bar with a scrollbar for too many tabs, on OS X.
  • Don't hide the title bar unexpectedly, after toolbar customizations.
  • Introduce new custom DOM event nsDOMTreeStyleTabTabbarRendered for addons who need to modify appearance of the tab bar, like Unified Sidebar.
  • Hide (shrink) the tab bar correctly after a tab is dragged and dropped or any FireGestures's gesture is performed.
  • The configuration dialog applies new "auto hide" preference only for the correct mode: normal or full screen.
  • Fix misspelling of Leftside and Rightside - they simply became Left and Right.
  • Perform searches from the web search bar and the context menu correctly, when e10s is activated.
  • Show the tab bar at correct position, after the DOM fullscreen mode.
  • Hide tab bar related elements completely in the DOM fullscreen mode.
  • Tabs opened via GM_openInTabs() from Greasmeonkey scripts become children of the current tab again.
  • Introduce new internal preferences to control debug prints. You can activate/deactivate debug print per module via preferences like extensions.treestyletab.debug.*.
  • Fix broken appearance of overlay icons on pinned tabs.
  • Reduce eval() hack to avoid errors around invalid references to objects defined with ECMAScript 6's const in separate scopes for Firefox sources.
  • Restore order of rearranged tabs more correctly.
  • Don't show gray rect of pinned tabs on full screen videos and collapsed tab bar.
  • Don't update the size of the tab bar too frequently. This change solves conflict with the Unified Sidebar addon.
  • On Linux, show the icon of the "all tabs" button in the vertical tab bar correctly.
  • Introduce an internal method gBrowser.treeStyleTab.dumpTreeInformation() to dump tree structure information stored in each tab, for debugging around unexpectedly broken tree.

Version 0.15.20150902901 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 44.*

  • Fix many compatibility issues around spec changes at Firefox 40 and later. (Including patches by Xidorn Quan. Thanks!)
  • Drop support for Firefox 31.
  • Re-introduce configuration UIs for the size of the tab bar and its fixedness. Now it works to reset size of the tab bar in all existing windows.
  • Toolbar customization works correctly even if the tab bar is placed not on the top. In old versions, only the first time worked.
  • Current tab is shown with highlighted color correctly at the "Plain" skin.
  • Mouse events are correctly handled for the "auto hide" feature for tabs even if their remoteness is dynamically changed.

Version 0.15.2015030601.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 31.0 - 44.*

  • Width of the tab bar, position of the tab bar, and status of the "auto hide" feature are saved and restored for each window.
  • Better compatibility with Duplicate in Tab Context Menu addon.
  • Better compatibility with ColorfulTabs. Annoyingly horizontal scroll of the tab bar (happend by clicking on any tab) has been solved.
  • Isolated from obsolete String.prototype.quote().
  • Isolated from deprecated JavaScript 1.7's let blocks.
  • Isolated from obsolete nsIPopupBoxObject interface on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Update appearance of the tab bar correctly, after the sidebar is shown/hidden at Firefxo 39 and later.
  • Reset z-index of vertical tabs always to prevent tabs are shown above other browser elements.
  • Open child tabs from links correctly on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Open child tabs from the web search bar correctly on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Open multiple child tabs from a tab by scripts more correctly, for E10S windows.
  • Firefox Hello's chat boxes are not placed below tabs anymore.
  • Mouse events on the place holder shown when the tab bar is completely hidden are handled correctly to show/hide the tab bar automatically.

Version 0.15.2014120101.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 31.0 - 37.0a1

  • Open clicked link as a new child tab correctly, from links with target="_blank" in e10s mode. (See also the related bug on the
  • Re-show the tab bar correctly after exiting from the fullscreen mode. (by Xinkai. Thanks!)
  • "Auto hide tab bar" feature works correctly on Firefox 35 and older versions.

  • Drop support for Firefox 30 and older versions
  • Works correctly on the multi-process mode (E10S).
  • Open child tabs from links correctly, in e10s windows. (by Nephyrin. Thanks a lot!)
  • Restore tree structure with multiple trees from bookmarks correctly, even if the dummy tab is disabled.
  • Restore tab position for "Undo Close Tab" command correctly.
  • Works on Nightly 33.0a1 with the preference dom.compartment_per_addon=true.
  • Update tabbar appearance correctly, after toolbar customization.
  • Save "parent tab" settings correctly in the bookmarks properties dialog.
  • Update fr-FR locale, by AxlMun. Thanks!

Version 0.14.2014051101.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 35.*

  • Don't hide the toolbar in the full screen mode, if browser.fullscreen.autohide is false.
  • Allow to hide the title bar if Tabs on Bottom addon is installed.
  • Open new tabs by Tile Tabs as next sibling tab.