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It's not support Thai Alphabet yet, but I could help you with this. I'm thai and also be an engineer (but in other field) so I've read your website and found that, It can being edited by "Custom Transliteration Tables" tools, but I haven't know-how to use, but I can endeavouring to grasp it soon. So, What I want to ask is if I done it , if I complete editing thai language support, how can I send it to you? by E-Mail or anyway? ,, and this's last question "Can you guide me about createing or editing your add-ons to support another language" Thanks

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.4). 


Hi Dragnome,
Yes, please send me the layout - I will be very happy to include it. Send it by email to either alex.benenson@gmail.com or benya@benya.com.

If you run into any difficulties editing language support, please email your questions and I will try to help.