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First of all, I have the visual email alert turned off in Thunderbird. I've always found it to be distracting especially since I receive a somewhat high volume of email everyday and I have Thunderbird checking for new mail every minute.
I do however always have my PC's audio on so this add-on is ideal for me.

No longer will I have to stop whatever I may be doing to check the new mail that has just come in only to find that they are of no great importance right now and they do not require immediate attention such as for Google Alerts, forum and posts replies etc.

I can setup a sound for any filter that is offered in Thunderbird (which I believe to be the most underused feature) and I'll know exactly what has arrived and whether or not I want/need to stop what I'm doing to go view and respond to that new mail.

Thanks a lot.
Your add-on will allow me to manage my time more efficiently which will increase my productivity with whatever I may be working on.

ToneQuilla greatly enhances Thunderbird and because of that I believe that it will/should become a recommended add-on.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1.20081211).