Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is probably one of the more awesome addons I've seen in a while. So awesome in fact that it prompted me to create a login to review.
As a hobbyist 3d artist and programmer, I enjoy working with new ways of visualizing things - considering my job in real life, I work heavily with databases which, of course ,I always wish I could manipulate in 3 dimensions so that I could better understand what it was I'm seeing. This tool is a cool example of how something as apparently "flat" as a webpage can become something awesome when projected in 3-dimensions, allowing you to see what really goes behind the text you read and the layers that exist to construct a web page. This kind of visualization actually can help programmers and designers alike to understand how well-formed code should be constructed and spot errors in sites that are yet to be displayed to the public. Hopefully more development tools get added to this in the future!
ps - the blender export is something I'm going to try pretty darn soon, and if it lives up to expectations, I'm going to love it. :)

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