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Version v20130619.1-signed.1-signed 926.3 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 56.*

Release notes:
- files and folders from other operating systems (if TIC is used on different OSes when Firefox profile is synchronised e.g. over Dropbox) are now emphasised with an overlay over icons.
- displaced up and down vote buttons, preview button and scollbar are now fixed when resizing notes
- added new commands when editing notes (underline, strike, add/remove links,
decrease/increase font, clear formatting)

Version v20130401.1-signed.1-signed 807.5 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 23.0

- Fixed dimensions of scroll bars on notes
- Added scroll bars on notes in past project spaces (Timeline)
- Visualising additional entered data to items (URL, note, emails) on a project space (no need to expand information of an item)

Version v20130303.1-signed.1-signed 801.5 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 22.0

- Automatically assigning direction (output or input) of files if their size significantly changes or not in time
- Automatically calculating the importance and emphasizing the border of items based on how many times an item is clicked, if the size is changing, how often it changes ...
- Added a new preferences value for user modelling functions
- Check if files and folders still exist and if not (moved or deleted) make
their icon broken
- Added the possibility to hide item's more options in old projects' stages by clicking anywhere outside the more option plane
- Bug fixes when viewing old stages
- Fixed a bug that did not remove a body click event after an item was removed from a project

Version v20130210.1-signed.1-signed 803.5 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 13.*

- Hide a frame that reveals more item information if user clicks outside of it
- Added scrollbars to the notes which work in edit mode as well
- Added double click event to the icons of items to open them (to imitate the Desktop)
- Change arrow's direction of files to output information of the project if the size changed since it was first dragged in
- Change arrow's direction of files to input information of the project if the size does not change and if more than a month passed since it was first dragged in
- Added new items' attributes (for a later experimental automatic determination of items' importance): initialSize to measure size changes since the first appearance and initialTimaspamp to keep record when the item was dragged in, numberOfClicks for recording accesses to items and lastClick to store the date of the last click
- Added numberOfClicks and lastClick atttributes to the maintenance to delete old stages if they only differ in these attributes (besides size and modification date)

Version v20121122.1-signed.1-signed 801.2 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 19.*

- Fixed the radius problem of background circles radius for Firefox 17
- Added a few more plain text files preview

Version v20121107.1-signed.1-signed 801.1 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 18.*

- Fixed several bugs including saving notes
- Fixed some typos and design

Version v20121030.1-signed.1-signed 799.9 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 18.*

- Added rich text formatting to notes and dragged over text
- Changed the expand/show more image
- Corrected a few minor bugs (pointer cursor over the URL favicon, saving notes,
- Removed icons from notes (no real use of them after the changes in the whole item
movement instead of just a handle)

Version v20121025.1-signed.1-signed 981.8 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 18.*

- Fixed the bug of a broken note editing while the currently selected project space was being saved
- Changed the datepicker

Version v20121023.1-signed.1-signed 1013.8 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 18.*

- Dragging is now possible by clicking anywhere on the icon and not only by the handle picture (four arrows)
- Handle picture has been replaced by "show more" green arrow and it opens the additional data instead of by clicking on the items' icon
- Added a calendar for easier adding due dates
- Due dates are always shown together with the item and not only when a due date is approaching
- Possibility to run Linux, OS X and Windows scripts if they have bat, sh or bash extension
- Past state project name has different colour to distinguish between the current and past states
- Warns user if they are about to duplicate information item (e.g. it is possible to have more than one link to a particular resource)

Version v20121017.1-signed.1-signed 984.0 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 13.*

- Added possibility to rename all information items (including links to files and folders)
- Changed the icon for editing names of projects ad information items
- Added statistics to files and folders (# files, # folders, depth)
- Cleaned code of the past states

Version v20121007.1-signed.1-signed 863.0 KiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 18.*

- Notes are auto-saved while edited every 3 seconds
- Added the possibility to archive projects
- Fixed bugs when entering new project names
- Icons: magnifier glass and notes icon more visible
- Popup messages shown for 5 seconds
- Open a new task when it is created
- Fixed cleaning html for notes (before <pre> became <p>)
- Fixed several small bugs, changed some popup messages
- Cleaned out unneeded comments
- Several steps taken towards synchronisation

Version v20120928.1-signed.1-signed 1.4 MiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 16.*

Icons for files and folders (and applications on Windows) are now taken from the underlying operating system instead of a predefined icon set.
Notes and text scraps have a new design and it's possible to resize them (up to 600x500 pixels).

Version v20120718.1-signed.1-signed 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 15.*

Navigation of past states more user friendly

Version v20120713.1-signed.1-signed 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 14.*

Added preview support for many plain text files
Added preview support for external URLs

Version v20120710.1-signed.1-signed 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 14.0

Disabled external preview of URLs as it posed a security risk

Version v20120705.1-signed.1-signed 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 5.0 - 13.*

The first public release