Template Selection button not working Rated 2 out of 5 stars

The Template selection button stays grayed out. So I can only use whatever the default template is.

HTML edit no longer working Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I am disappointed to discover that the source (HTML) button no longer works and after clicking the botton after some time just a blank page shows. So the editing of the HTML source is no longer possible in the latest version of Thunderbird. Disappointing as I'm working with this addon for some time and like it a lot. I hope this bug will be corrected

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

HTML edit capabilities work great and also it loads HTML from file. I used it for sending an HTML email to thousands, instead of having to copy and paste over and over.

QUICK START FOR NEWBIES Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A LOT of people are having a hard time getting this addon up and running. Most have never used stationary with Outlook and have no idea where to start. It is a bit tricky the first time so I made this Quick Start For Newbies to help people out. Made for windows users in mind but can help out others too.

1) Download and install this add-on (Tip: Sorry about the "no duh", I did say for newbies, there will be more "no duh"s)

2) Make a folder, any place for now, just as long as you know where it is. (Tip: I have Portable* Thunderbird so I made a folder in my profile. This add-on, I think**, made a folder called "stationery" in my profile folder, if this happened for you to I would suggest you make a NEW folder in there.) Call is whatever you want you can rename it later.

3) Go to http://thundercloud.net/stationery/

4) Look at all the links under "The Selections below are for Outlook Express, Outlook 2003, and Windows Mail (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista users). If you are new to using email stationery, please visit our Help page for instructions on how to download and use."
You will see a bunch of links for stationeries. Pick one that sounds nice and click it.

5) A new tab/window will open. You will see a bunch of words and crap. Look kinda to the bottom, your looking for a link called "Click Here To Download This Collection For Outlook Express, Outlook and Windows Mail (Vista)" or "Please click here to download Nature's Art collection" or some such thing, and click it (Tip: You may be thinking "but I have windows 8.1 and Thunderbird" I know, it may says something about vista and outlook and stuff just click it.) I would suggest you download a "set" of them and not just one.***

6) You now should have yet another NEW tab/window opened up. Look for the link that has "----Outlook and and other Users----" UNDER IT and click it to download your templates. (Tip: Should be the center of the 3 links as of this writing)***

7) You should now have an .exe (executable) file, it will be in the wherever folder your system puts your downloads in. With my system it is on the desktop yours may be in C:\Users\"User Name"\Downloads or C:\Users\"User Name"\Downloads\Funny_Cat_Pictures. Find it and click it to open it. (Tip: Always a good idea to scan for bugs on anything you download before you open it.)

8) Some Windows systems will have a big scary thing pop up in your face; saying something like "Warning something is trying to run on your computer, so it can melt your hard drive and kill off everyone you love". Just click whatever you have to to let the program run. I did run 3 different virus scans on the ones I downloaded and they seem safe. (Tip: The pop up warning, if any, you get may be different than the one I remember.)

9) The Program will have a dialog window window pop up. Click "Next"

10) This will open the "read me" thing. No one ever ever read them but you can (It says I will own your sports car and your house), click next.

11) Now in this next dialog box window that open you will see a button that says "Finish" on it, DO NOT CLICK IT. I know you want to click it but DON'T. Remember that folder I had you make way back in Step #2 ? Now is the time to use it. Click the little button that has the " . . . " on it and then drill down to where the new folder you made is. Select it. NOW you can click "Finish" (Tip: If you do not use a "clean new" folder to "unpack" your new stationary in [In other words, you put this in a folder that has other stuff in it already.], you will end up with a folder with a bunch of stuff in it that is all mixed up. You can do that later but not in my newbie class.)

12) Delete the ".exe" file it is no longer needed (Tip: Treat it like a live Christmas tree, after Christmas, just throw it to the curb.)

13) Go back to Thunderbird. Find the inbox of the email account you want to send the email from. Then stick with it. To be clear, don't be moving around to different accounts when "in use" (using) this add-on. Look around now, some place, some where, you will have little buttons saying something like "Write", "Reply" or some such thing. DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THEM. Look for a little "down arrow", should be just to the right of of them there buttons we where just talk'n about. Click it and a little drop down menu will show up. Systems are a little different on this point but look for "Other Stationery". This is what you want to click. (Tip: The "Other Stationery" may be hidden under the "Stationery" section of the little drop down menu)

14) Now you should have a "Drill down" window open. Find that folder you put (unpacked) your new Stationery in. (Tip: the ones you just downloaded silly), and click on it to open it. You will see a bunch of files in there. Pick one and click it.

15) BINGO you have your first email with stationery on it. May seem simple but took me 4 days to do it. Well 4 days to do it the way I just showed you. Would have been sooner but I do not trust .exe files and did not use the ones I shown you here. I never said I was the quickest fox in the hen house. LOL (Tip; I am in the works of writing up a MUCH longer review to help explain some more points about this add-on so stay tuned)

16) If you have a problem with this add-on the Developer asks that you email him. Look at the right side of this you will see "Support E-mail", click that to get a hold of him. He is very good at fixing bugs and keeping up with the non-stop changed in T-Bird. DO NOT right a bad review until you at least see if it is something to do with your end like another add-on is badly made and does not work with this one or he may be working on fixing the very problem you have. (Tip: Compact Header is one of the add-ons that will mess up this add-on (and some others) so you will want to remove the Compact Header add-on if you use this one.)

* If you have Thunderbird portable you will also have to make sure your stationery folder is in your profile folder and the stationery's add-on settings are set to "Folder inside profile folder". Otherwise when you move your Thunderbird you will loose your stationery too.
** I have no idea how long the stationery folder has been there. I may have even put it there myself but I don;t think so.
*** They have a few different layouts there. There are even some pages that say for Thunderbird click here. But others only have outlook on them. When not sure most people just start clicking things until they get something pretty. I think the makers of the website plan on that. I would think "Outlook" would be your best best if there is no other choice.

Stationery Button is disabled Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Hello! At first it looks very nice and easy to use. but i have 1 problem: the first email works perfect, but when i want to send a 2nd one, the stationery button is disabled.
after restarting thunderbird the problem is the same. its always just possible to send 1 mail.

Anyone an idea!?


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

To me, this is one of the essential add-ons for Thunderbird. However, as of later versions of Thunderbird (up to v31.4) I am sorry to discover that the Source (HTML) button no longer display the code but just a blank page; I may (thankfully!) still load external templates via the contextual menu, but the editing of the HTML source it does for some reason no longer allow. I sincerely hope this will be solved in a later version of Stationary, but even without this particular feature, the remaining features still makes it essential.

Interferes with address insertion Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Sorry, but it doesn't work with version 31.4.0. It won't allow me to insert the recipient's email address.

Rude? about pointing out what a user finds to be problematic. The what is this review mechanism for? Also, I would have gladly contacted you directly, but neither you nor any other developer provide a contact email address.

Works for me

Works for me on TB 34 beta, and it worked on all prior versions.

If You have a problem, do NOT post bad review, first mail add-on author with details of the problem.
A review like this one is not constructive, in fact it is just rude.

Anyway I bet that You CAN insert the recipient's email address.
But due to changes in TB, that are in conflict with one of the default Stationery settings, the addressing widget scroll itself, so the entered address become invisible.

To fix this just change "Number of rows in Addressing Widget" preference in Stationery options, to at least 3.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great tool giving me the chance to define the CSS-format of my E-Mails.

Unfortunately, it vertically "shrinks" the area for recipients at the top of the compose window. Thus, when I enter one E-Mail-address, it disappears "in Nirvana" and it looks, as if no address is entered.

By default, the height of this area is defined by "mail.compose.addresswidget.numRowsShownDefault". Unfortunately, Stationery ignores this date and sets the number of recipients always to 1, what leads to the nasty effect described above.

I had to disable Stationery because of this bug. Please fix it.

Evaluation without bug: 5 Stars
Evaluation with bug: 2 Stars

### UPDATE ###
Thank you for your ultra-fast response.
Changing the "number of address lines in compose dialog" in stationery options to 3.5 solved my problem :-)
Evaluation changed to 5 stars

Did You look for solution in Stationery Options?

The "mail.compose.addresswidget.numRowsShownDefault" is a quite new setting, the prior version of the TB forced us to have at least 4 lines in the addressing widget. Stationery users complained, so I added feature to lower the mandatory number of lines to 1, defaulting to 2.

To fix Your problem just go to the stationery options, and set how many lines you need. New default in the TB is 3 lines, although due to other bug I recommend You to use 2.5 or 3.5

There is other problem, causing the "Thus, when I enter one E-Mail-address, it disappears "in Nirvana" and it looks, as if no address is entered." problem. TB changed the addressing widget appearance, so now calculations in the Stationery are off by few pixels... it is fixed in new version of Stationery.
I can send You the new version XPI, but it is not ready for publishing.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

hi arivald

thank you so much for your plugin - stationary 0.8.4.
i had to deactivate the plugin because it had a problem since i have installed the newest tb -version:

in the window "to:" there is only one line. so when i hit enter after the first "to:" mailaddress. the address is not visible any more.

i hope i have helped you with this report. and if you can do something about it i would be very happy.

Very Good ! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This extension save me a lot of time.
I wrote my own html templates and add new regularly.
Very good stuff !

Just one question : Is there a way to add pre-write subject to template ?

This user has 2 previous reviews of this add-on.

Great extensions but with a big problem Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This add-on is fantastic but in the latest Thunderbird versions a major problem arose.

whether I write a new message or I reply to an existing one:

1) There is no way to add other recipients entries (To, CC, BCC).
2) trying to edit a recipient email address the input box is cleared. There is no way to write in it because the content is automatically erased.

I have the latest Thunderbird release (31.1.0) and these extensions installed:

- Stationery 0.8.4
- ExternalTemplateLoader 0.4.3
- ImportExportTools 3.0.1
- Lighting 3.3
- pasteCode 0.71
- SmartTemplate4
- XNote++ 2.2.9

In Stationery options tried to reset all the user interface customizations (except for adding the options entry in the tools menu), but nothing changed: the problem is still there.

At the end I was forced to disable this extension. It is a shame.

######### UPDATE ###############

Okay. I have found the 'problem' which causes the two issues.
Actually the recipients are scrolled up (as the author said) so they disappear apparently (whether I write in to a recipient input box or I add a new recipient). But stretching the height of the header in the message window causes these appear.

> 1) There is no way to add other recipients entries (To, CC, BCC).

Stationery did not change TB behavior in this context, it works for me.
Mail me with details, maybe something went wrong there.

> 2) trying to edit a recipient email address the input box is cleared. There is no way to write in it because the content is automatically erased.

Not erased, but scrolled up, so it become invisible.
Stationery did affect this control a bit, and because of changes in TB my calulations are off by few pixels, causing this effect. It will be fixed in next release.

Interessante mas permanecem dúvidas Rated 4 out of 5 stars

O Add-On é ótimo. Sem dúvidas.
Porém não sei se é possível incluir títulos das mensagens e anexos.

Em vários casos tenho que enviar tabelas para clientes com a imagem padrão para cada perfil.

O testo de "assunto" também deveria ser o mesmo para cada perfil.

Seria isso possível usando esse Add-On ?

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

So far this seems really nice. Thanks

Great, but some real problems Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a wonderful add-on in principle, but it does one thing that I can't live with and two that I'd very much like to be improved. In descending order of importance:

• When I open an email (which I do in a new window, not a tab or the preview pane), Stationery messes with the buttons in my toolbar. Thunderbirds Reply and Reply All are removed (I don't use Smart Reply) and the add-on seems to add its own Reply button instead. There is no Reply All. I already changed the options to not let Stationery attach itself to the “View message” buttons, I need my original buttons as they are, please.

• I like to use the Tab key to change from the To/Cc and Subject inputs into the message body input. If I use the HTML source editor (which I’d like), I cannot tab back using Shift+Tab.

• The two-step options menu (if one accesses the options via Tools › Add-ons) is a nice touch for novices, but I’d like to go to the full options straight away. This matters to me because I don’t like to clutter the Tools menu with the Stationery options item, particularly as the add-on inserts this item at the very bottom.

Any hope that these things could be changed? As I say, it’s a lovely add-on that I’d much like to use, but I’ll have to disable it if the first problem remains.

**Update** after Arivald's reply:

Thanks for responding, Arivald. I would have really liked some other way of getting in touch, but couldn't find one. (I saw you writing in another review that an email address was to be found somewhere, but I looked and didn't find it. Now it seems all I can do to respond to your reply is update my review, which is also far from ideal.)

You make me aware that Compact Header is really the problem. Unfortunately, I find that add-on indispensable. However, it would be great if Stationery could work for me as well.

You say that I can't tab back from the WYSYWIG editor. I tried in a TB profile without any extensions installed, and I was able to tab back.

You then say I don't like the two methods offered to access the options, that's not true. I like the "very old" one, I'd only like it to be quicker. Might it be possible to add an option that makes the "Options" button in the add-on manager go straight to the full options?

You write:
> When I open an email Stationery messes with the buttons in my toolbar[...]

The Stationery did not "mess" with buttons on toolbars.
There is the one and only case when the Stationery do something with buttons: if the Compact Header extension is installed, and the Compact Header did messed with buttons, breaking my extension. The Compact Header hides original buttons in message header toolbar, and put there copies of buttons from the main toolbar. This is messy, violate internal rules of the Gecko engine (there all elements IDs must be unique) and cause problems with other extensions.

If You really like mess created by Compact Header, then just uninstall the Stationery.

> I like to use the Tab key to change from the To/Cc and Subject inputs into the message body input. If I use the HTML source editor (which I’d like), I cannot tab back using Shift+Tab.

You can't tab-back from the WYSYWIG editor either. It is standard behavior, changing it would be rules violation.

> The two-step options menu (if one accesses the options via Tools › Add-ons) is a nice touch for novices, but I’d like to go to the full options straight away. This matters to me because I don’t like to clutter the Tools menu with the Stationery options item, particularly as the add-on inserts this item at the very bottom.

The Stationery provides both the very old (tools menu) and the very new (inlined options, plus button to access more options) method to access options... You apparently didn't like them both...
What I can do?
But You can develop any method to access the options page, and use it for yourself, it is quite easy.

Awesome! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is really awesome addon. Thank you.

I would appreciate that idea of the custom <meta> tag with information about subject plus some another way how to define what files add to enclosure.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great! I was looking for something to let me set the font family/size when replying and this does just the job.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on was extremely helpful in helping me create professional looking email templates and the developer was a gem helping me iron out my faults in logical use of HTML.

How to add an "insert here" in a template. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Errr, forgive my silliness...
But how can I add a token in the template, to indicate that body text should "insert-here", not the end of the template?

just like this↓
&amp;lt;!-- message body section --&amp;gt;
&amp;lt;!-- signature section --&amp;gt;

Or is there any manual I should referred to?

Just put any HTML with the attribute stationery="signature-placeholder" or stationery="content-placeholder". I usually use SPAN. Note that whole tag will be replaced by signature/quoted content.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

The "without stationary" is redundant when you have lightning, since lightning gives the write button "message" along with "event" and "task". Can you make it so I can remove the "without stationary"?

The "without Stationery" menu is definitaly NOT equivalent of the Lignthning "New message" menu!

The "without Stationery" menu is definitaly NOT equivalent of the Lignthning "New message" menu. One starts a new message without any template, other starts a message with the default template.
Anyway, menus from the the Lightning are not my concern, even if they duplicate functionality.

Great Addon when you have multiple E-Mail accounts and IDs Rated 5 out of 5 stars

One of the most needed TB addons I use (I have multiple mail-accounts for different voluntary organizations) and really like to easily change the HTML-template. Thank you and keep up this good work!
I'm searching for optimized (current HTML-capable E-Mail readers tested) HTML-Template-code: maybe this plugin could include sample code?