is a big stupid fake..totally unfunctional!!!!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

not working anyway you try...permanently told the link is incorrect or the file are bigger than 24MB...tested on G+, diverses wallpapers sites ,photobucket ,tagged and many others ... is totally unfunctional ,his results are only a big stupid fake...and greatest shit can happens

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2). 

Works with public links only

Hi, great that you tried this add-on.
Could you please give some sample URLs with which you tried? Maybe it did not work with you because the site you were using (Google+) required that you had to be logged in. I have tried this with many photo sharing sites, and it worked in every case. As stated, it will work ONLY if the link is public. A public link is one, which does not redirect to something else, and does not require you to log in before viewing the file. You can try that by right-clicking the big Mozilla icon on the top of this page, and selecting "Save Image to Google Drive".
You may have trouble in determining the image link with sites that use complex javascript. If you have trouble extracting the image link, use "Analyze this page for links" and look for entries with the type "Image".
Thank you for your response.

EDIT: Here is a proof that it works with photobucket. An image URL of photobucket looks like this :

When the link is added to the queue, either manually or by right-clicking the image and selecting Save Image to Google Drive, it is added to your Google Drive account.
Here is the screenshot: