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New feature suggestions for the toolbar button. The ability to rename bookmark title and also the ability to move/delete bookmark. Actually if you simply made a better integration between samfind add-on and the existing firefox bookmark features, you would have the best of both worlds.

Update: found a serious bug, when you use the toolbar button to bookmark a site it uses a google address for url rather than the actual url you are bookmarking. Every site I bookmarked has a google search url, how did that happen ? Apparently the whole process of bookmarking and adding topics, etc is wacked. I'm going to have to disable this addon and look for an alternative, this one just isn't ready for prime time.

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1) samfind does allow you to rename bookmarks titles, and move / delete / add bookmarks.
2) One of the features that distinguish samfind is the ability to run searches using the websites built-in search systems. You can do this by specifying a search location for each website you bookmark, using a specific samfind-friendly syntax. If you do not specify the website search location, samfind creates a default Google site search location for you, so that you can still enjoy the feature, even if not at its full potential.