something went wrong again Rated 5 out of 5 stars

after updating latest version I can not see any icon in statusbar and in the small tooltip window teher are no reminders displayed.

Update: Thanks for reply, but it still does not help. I have FF 9.0.1 with few addons, e.g. Organize Status bar and others (it does appear in list of icons in OSB addon, but I can not see it). But the ribbon does not apppear even when I move it to add-on bar nor in any other location. I tried almost any option setting, but with no success. Even worse I can not see my reminders in pop-up window, It is empty only with reminder headers.

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A couple things to try:

Go to Firefox file menu and select->Add Ons. Find ReminderFox in the list and click 'Options'. Find
the 'Display Placement' option and try toggling the location, to try a few different
options. Sometimes this will make the ribbon appear.