Latest beta Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Themes for FF are based on Java - and yes, Java is able to corrupt your browser. Yes, I may have run into some FF bug – now, could you possibly allow for the fact that your beta had a flaw in it which clashed with the latest FF or its latest bug? And, as a developer, could you please see what you could do about it instead of categorically saying such data loss has nothing to do with your buggy theme? This is why I am writing here, this is the sole reason.

Why am I blaming this beta? Because prior to installing it everything in my FF was working OK! How come it corrupted my bookmarks when you say that is impossible? Well, there is always a FIRST, isn't it?

Why did I uninstall and reinstall FF? Because I desperately wanted FF to function with my favourite FF theme ever and often this is what computer manuals tell you to do when things do not work as they should – do your backup, uninstall, reinstall. I am very sad to let this theme go, but I was inifinitely sadder to see all my bookmarks vanish :(

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2). 

RE: Latest beta

You disabled the Red Cats theme and everything was OK again. Your bookmarks were NOT lost - it clearly proved that the theme did nothing to them. The next logical step would be to uninstall the theme and/or contact the developer and ask him/her for help. But you desperately wanted Firefox to function with your favorite theme so YOU ATTEMPTED TO FIX THE PROBLEM ON YOUR OWN by uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox and deleting files. Sorry but you only have yourself to blame. I fail to see how it's related to any add-on.

And yes, as a developer, I can categorically say it's impossible for a theme to corrupt any data in your profile. Unlike you, I know it. Feel free to post on MozillaZine or Firefox Support if you don't believe me.

And no, as a developer, I can't do anything about it. I have no control over your actions and hence I cannot prevent you from doing something you're not supposed to.

And no, Firefox themes are not based on Java. They're nothing but a bunch of images and CSS files. Please learn to do some research before jumping to conclusions.

And for the umpteen time: accusing beta of being buggy is like accusing water of being wet. Please do me a favor and familiarize yourself with the definition of "beta" on Wikipedia or somewhere else.

If you still have any questions to ask of me, contact me by email or use the support forum.

Latest beta Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Well, I did disable each add-on one by one - and the culprit was this theme. As a last resort, I then made a .json backup of bookmarks to uninstall and reinstall FF. It appears that this beta corrupted the FF, which made the .json backup unusable.

It might be the problem on Mac only, but this theme beta did corrupt my bookmarks completely. Before I installed the new FF update, followed by installing this beta, everything was working perfectly. Never had a problem with importing .json backups either.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2). 

Latest beta

First off, even the most buggy theme is not capable of corrupting anything except Firefox appearance as the theme has no access to your bookmarks or any other user data for that matter. So you might have done something wrong or run into some Firefox bug.

Now. You found the culprit, disabled it and the problem was gone. No data was lost. Your bookmarks were perfectly safe at this stage. That should have been the end of it - you should have uninstalled the offending add-on and reported the problem to the developer. And yet you decided to do some experimenting with uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox and you ended up with the unusable .json backup.

So it's quite apparent that the data loss resulted from your own actions that weren't necessary to begin with. May I ask why you're trying to put the blame on the Red Cats theme?

Latest beta Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Yah.. why put it out there then? Unfortunately, in my case this beta has already made a complete mess in my FF. Although I made a .json backup of bookmarks before uninstalling/reinstalling FF to see what add-on prevented me from adding new bookmarks, I now even cannot import the ones I had before. At all. Nada, niente, nothing works. It seems the .json I saved was corrupt.. Been reading what to do about this all day, I have probably lost thousands and thousands of bookmarks because of this one simple beta. Years of saving translation resources gone just like that, pffff! I cannot convert .json to html to try with other browsers.

I think it would be much fairer to us users if such betas were kept very safely from us before they are made safe and stable...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2). 

RE: Latest beta

If something is stable and safe, it's called "final release", otherwise it's called "beta". The latter is by definition not fully tested so you're using it at your own risk. If you're not willing to take the risk, you'd be better off staying away from beta versions.

It should also be noted that it was not the Red Cats theme that caused the data loss/mess in your case. The only way to find the problematic add-on and lose no data in the process is to disable your add-ons one by one. Uninstalling or reinstalling Firefox, not to mention deleting files, isn't a proper way to do it and may result in data loss - which is the case here.

The latest beta completely disabled adding bookmarks Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I adore this extension, but sadly the latest beta version - supposed to work with FF15 and its upcoming releases - completely disabled adding any bookmarks for me. I cannot add them with keyboard, with a mouse, with no function, no menu. I tried disabling all the other add-ons, (AdBlock Plus, Colourful Tabs, Download Helper, Download Statusbar, NoSquint and Session Manager) and then the Green Cats, reinstalled FF, downgraded to FF 14, deleted all FF info (I have FF for Mac), reinstalled FF again.... but the culprit has always proved to be Green Cats.

I even tried the trick described for FF14, but this time it said it cannot install the extension, because the file is corrupt. I followed the steps exactly.

Which makes me sad beyond words, as I hate just about any other FF look. I love my green cats, pls pls pls do something about this bug! Thank you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2). 

RE: The latest beta completely disabled adding bookmarks

Beta 3 fixes this bug. However I strongly advice you to stay away from betas and wait for the final release since any beta version is _expected_ to break things once in a while - that's why it's called beta.