QuickPassword Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This extension is complicated for nothing, I prefer Saved Password Editor.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1-signed). 

Dear FastKC, I have seen SPE as well and find it very good, it is installed in my permanent extension collection - in fact I recommend installing it alongside QuickPasswords, I had discussed with the author of SPE.

But that doesn't support all of the functions the QuickPasswords does, like:

1. exporting the information to spreadsheets
2. changing multiple passwords
... and pasting the information to a different browser, or to a new tab! When developing or browsing big corporate sites, often I need the password / user information on different pages, e.g. www1.foo.com - www2.foo.com - support.foo.com etc. Another alternative extension "Secure Login" can only give you the right info if the page & form field names are exactly the same, and if the form is not programmed using FLASH.

3. oh and: retrieving the passwords from your mail client (thunderbird/seamonkey/postbox) depending on whether you are on a content page in a mail folder or on an email from a support person - it will try to filter out the relevant password for you even if there is no form visible.

So essentially this is a extension for a different purpose altogether.

I decided to keep the flow of QuickPasswords quite uniform, always through the master password and the Manager. I acknowledge that this can (and will) be streamlined even more, however that doesn't warrant a 1 star rating IMO. I won't complain about your review as there are plenty of people who find this very useful after giving it a chance, it takes all sorts :-)

As regards the feedback messages these can be disabled in options and the Manager window can close automatically, so it is still just 3 clicks to do a login where Firefox does not provide it automagically. I promise, future versions will have even less clicks!

I would only agree to "complicated for nothing" if logging in on the same browser was all that QuickPasswords could do for you.

btw, do please make suggestions or report bugs here: http://quickpasswords.mozdev.org/bugs.html
all and every feedback is welcome that can make the add-on better!