Possible suggestions Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It would be nice to be able to specify which map the user wanted shown. E.g., I often used Google maps to look up bus and/or walking routes from my house to prospective job sites. Thus, my idea would be to expand the options available under the add-on manager for additional right-click options that would appear when an address is highlighted. For example, one option would be to simply to show the address (like Quick Maps currently does). However, other options would allow the user to include an address that he or she wants directions to/from and then specify the type of directions (i.e., bus routes, driving, or walking) he or she wants. Thus, there would be a Quick Maps sub-menu under the context menu that would offer such options as "show this address only", "show driving directions from [address specified in add-ons manager] to [highlighted address]", "show walking directions to [address specified in add-ons manager] from [highlighted address]", and/or "show bus routes from [address specified in add-ons manager] to [highlighted address]" when a user right-clicks on a highlighted address.
My apologies if I did not clearly explain this, but at the very least I understand what I mean :). Furthermore, not being a programmer, I have no idea how feasible such an idea would be even if you do understand what I mean.

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