[privacy]defense Version History

4 versions

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Version 2.0.9 624.7 KiB Works with Firefox 50.0 and later

This is a complete rewrite from the ground up, not only moving to the WebExtension platform and adding support for other browsers, but fixing all known anomalies from past releases and augmenting the threat database to block even more predators.

We also moved away from the trial period model and have released a fully functional, free LITE version. In addition, we have released a PREMIUM version that increases browsing performance, reduces data consumption on bandwidth limited connections, and offers access to the full threat database.

Subscriptions to the PREMIUM version are initially being offered at a nominal rate in hopes to recover our development costs. The rest of the proceeds are destined for humanitarian aid projects.

Note: All prior users have already been updated to a FREE lifetime upgrade to the premium version! Just download the new version and login via the extension using your existing credentials.

Version 69.4 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 18.0a1 - 38.0, Firefox 18.0a1 and later

X Fix for Parent.jsm not being loaded properly
X Refactor build script
X Fix for issue preventing restartless to work correctly
- Removed version numbers from resource path
X Removed CLA Not Found warning

Version 67.9 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 18.0a1 - 35.0, Firefox 18.0a1 and later

* Branding update
* Fixed V34 incompatibility

Version 72.9 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 18.0a1 - 23.0, Firefox 18.0a1 and later

x Fixed window opening bug on Android