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Why was PostBuddy Posting Utility created?

I thought it would be useful to have an extension that counted words in selected quotes from web pages, included some features for tidying up the text, and enabled the user to add their own writing and copy and paste the text into their favourite forum or blog. At first I had specific places in mind, where I am a member, but it soon became clear that these kinds of facilities could be very useful to a wider audience, and it would be worth making the extension available through the Mozilla add-ons site. I added all the features I could think of that would make it generally useful, and tested it thoroughly for errors, warnings and compatibility issues. I am pleased to report that it can even auto-post to the edit box for this description, even though I had not seen its web page before!

What's next for PostBuddy Posting Utility

It would be nice to improve the auto-clip wizard algorithms to speed up filtering, provide a built-in method for clearing out the auto-saved and footer files from the user's profile on demand, and add any useful extra features that may be identified by feedback from users.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name CJS
Location United Kingdom
Occupation Electronics Engineer
User since July 27, 2012
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Not yet rated

Who is CJS?

Engineer with 30 years experience in the electronics industry, both in software and hardware projects. Have worked on R&D and production code; using embedded C, C++ and Windows applications, custom RTOS, GPS and TCP/IP client/server software. Hardware experience includes RF, microwave, analogue, and digital electronic systems in the frequency spectrum from DC to 12GHz, including simulations at 90GHz.