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1) Firefox TOOLBAR CORRUPTION (Corrompe a sua barra superior do Firefox);


DO NOT WORKs fine;
Não presta! Uma m3rd4 !!

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Cumpre o que promete mas, infelizmente, demora muito pra bloquear as palavras desejadas, o que acaba por tirar um pouco a utilidade do complemento.

Worked about 50% of the time, caused toolbar corruption. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Long story short, this addon has issues. I'll check back for updates, though, because it's a feature I really want! Here's the long version:

I'd love this if it worked. Sadly, it didn't work about half the time on some sites, and not at all on other websites - like the BBC and Guardian UK. It often missed keywords that were links, too.

If I refreshed the page, most of the words would be blocked, but by then, Olympic results had already been spoiled for me. (I loved the Olympic spoiler plugin from this developer, so I had high hopes this would work. That plugin was discontinued.)

The biggest problem is that it messed up my toolbar. Every time I opened a new window or restarted FireFox, all my buttons (like refresh, zoom, home, download, etc.) were moved and/or removed completely. I did a lot of troubleshooting, and it wasn't until I removed this Addon that the problem finally was resolved. (Problem started the day I installed this addon, too.)

I also had problems entering keywords to block. The interface froze several times and I had to close/reopen and start over. Sometimes, I'd enter a word and it wouldn't let me add it -- the form would say "not found" as if I'd been searching for a word rather than trying to add it. In that case, the only way to add the "not found" word was to type REALLY fast and hit "return" before it popped up with the "not found" result.

FireFox 25.0.1
Mac 10.6.8 (Yes, a third of Macs still use Snow Leopard! It rocks.)

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You have to sign in via twitter or facebook. Alert! Do Not use!

[edit]So why can't you store the keywords in my profile on my computer?[/edit]

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Twitter or Facebook Are Not Required

Hi Fergy,

An account is required to store your keyword preferences. However, using Twitter or Facebook is optional. You can also create a normal user account by clicking on "or sign up with an email address" or at https://pop-block.com/signup?attempt=normal.


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I have the occasional issue adding new words to block, and I wish there were some 'pre-made' lists that you could start from and add or remove your own words from there, but generally speaking, I think Pop Block is a pretty helpful add-on for internet junkies that could care less about current pop culture and entertainment news.
Blocking the words themselves doesn't change all that much, but for me it makes a large enough visual difference on any webpage that I don't even have to skim the article to know if it's something I care to read or not. Makes headline pages much easier to sift through as well as those 'required' friends' posts on facebook and the like.
I can see how some people would have a problem having to sign in through Facebook or Twitter (although, they've added 'sign up with e-mail option), but personally this is one add-on that I don't mind sharing about with friends.
I also see practical applications for parents who allow their children to use the internet on their own, or even supervised, as there are plenty of words (non-pop-culuture related) that I, as a parent, wouldn't want children seeing.

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Pop Block 1.0.0 isn't compatible with FF10.0.11 ESR. The version information is mistaken.Version Information:Version 1.0.0 Released December 3, Works with Firefox 10.0 and laterSome minutes later, I installed it in FF 17.0.1 ESR, and for using, you must login on Twitter or on Facebook. I don't use either.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Greg Leuch, Creator

Thanks FastKC for the feedback. Although we were able to get it working under 10.0 for Mac, we've updated the minimum version.

After some discussion, we've decided to alter our product strategy and allow normal user signups. Click on "signup with email address" to do it the old fashion way. https://pop-block.com/signup