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Version 4.5 16.7 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: The top level functions in bootstrap.js are now declared with var instead of const.

Version 4.4 16.5 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: The mouse scroll event on the toolbar button is now stopped to prevent the menu panel to scroll.
FIX: Loading of locales and style sheets is now asynchronous (async flag to "open" is now true).
FIX: The _Window.all function now uses rest parameters instead of the arguments object (for Nightly).

Version 4.3 16.0 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: A menu item is now added to the main menu also when the toolbar button is not visible.
FIX: The button icon for the menu panel looks sharper now.

Version 4.2.1-signed 15.6 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FEATURE: The developer panel was turned into a bottom bar for convenience.
FEATURE: Mouse scroll over the toolbar button can now be used to loop through the presets.
FEATURE: Mouse scroll while hovering a preset size control now changes the control value.
FEATURE: The selected preset size control is now indicated with a background color.
FIX: The hover response was removed from the panel buttons - a click is required again.
FIX: Some layout issues with the Walnut and Nautipolis themes were fixed.
FIX: On uninstall, extension preferences are correctly deleted again.