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Version 1.8.67 327.7 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b8pre

Updated support for All-In-One-Sidebar (fixed missing icons)
Smaller header for feeds display
Cleanup: Removed old files (Firefox 1.x)
FF4 only:
RTL fixes for apppmenu and for searchbar.
Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well
Bug 598786 - Visual design for tab-modal prompts.
Bug 59314 - Alerts should be content-modal, not window-modal.
Bug 610769 - Align the Firefox menu with the Firefox button
Bug 596315 - Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console.
Bug 607163 - webConsole.css should be in browser.xul.
Bug 594367 - Keep the firefox button lit when the window is inactive.
bug 610123 - bustage fix (probably also in beta7, but that is not clear).
Pinned tab sizing issue during reload fixed.
Tab icon of file (file://c|/) browsing fixed
Bug 588655 - Part 2: When in private browsing mode, make the Firefox button purple
Bug 465839 - Add a binding for touch enabled video and audio controls
Fixed Toolbar disappearance when both tabsontop and 'browser.tabs.autohide' are true.
Bug 602964 - return to using non deterministic throbbers (remove progress line / bar implementation)
Backing out bug 597178 due to a change of plans.
Bug 600646 - Speed up the new tab animation
Fixed header spacing of addons-manager
Bug 592900 - Update the bookmarks menu from the nav toolbar to match changes in the Firefox menu.
Bug 595317 - Scrollbars don't appear in the details view. (I already fixed this in my themes)
Bug 597178 - about:addons has extra back-forward buttons. (Only removes some rules, which you may want to keep for Beta7)
Bug 566605 - Download progress widget doesn't update its progress meter.

Version 1.8.66 324.6 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b8pre

Updated support for TabMixPlus
Fixed issue with splitter/gripper of AllInOneSidebar
Toolbar button drop indicator
Improved styling of detail-view in Addons manager (FF4)
Fixed dataman layout.
Optimized the led icons.
Reverted styling of toolbarsplitter.
Bug 595236 - Match Tabs From Other Windows in Panorama Search.
Bug 598641 - Sync UI: Show a passphrase strength meter for custom passphrase
Bug 593339 - improve styling of the app-tab title-change highlight
Bug 574688 - replace the status bar with the addon bar

Version 324.6 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b8pre

Fixed missing icons issue (cutemenus.css/png was not packed).
Fixed tabtoolbar size issue with only pinned tabs.
Fixed pinned tabs padding.
Fixed compressed menubar/frame issue (on FF3.6 with non-classic window themes).

Version 1.8.65 307.2 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b8pre

Bug 595280 - AddonRepository should convert HTML to plain text
Bug 579547 - New About window for Firefox 4
Bug 574688 - replace the status bar with the addon bar (backed out, but will reappear soon)
Bug 578028 - Move Progress Line to Location Bar, if loading tab is active
Bug 594657 - New Glyphs for Sync Toolbar Button
Bug 595280 - Support HTML fragments from the AMO 1.5 API.
Bug 566154 - text missing from preferences font size pulldown
Bug 595591 - Visual Indicator is rendered incorrectly
Bug 594620 - Sync: Implement quota UI
Bug 587908 - On hyperlink hover, display the target in the location bar
Bug 544818 - Progress "Line" indicator for loading tabs.
Fixed issue with many tabs open, taps-on-top & appmenu mode, whereby the 'newtab' button starts to jump.
Made min-width of tabs much smaller, so that much more tabs will remain visible.
Added icons for the new zoomin/zoomout toolbarbuttons.
Really fixed menubar/areo spacing in Tabs-Not-On-Top mode on Win7/Vista/XP-style.
Fixed test-study list styling.
Added icon for Personas in Tools/Addon selector (FF3/Personas 1.6)
Styled the new about dialog box.
Progress lines on tabs and on urlbar.
Sync toolbar button
Fixed RTL mode (at least some of it).
Fixed shadow/scrollbar issue for the category buttons in the about:addons page.

Version 1.8.62 247.8 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b2pre

Preview version for Firefox 4.0, with support for: Tabs on Top, AppMenu, New Add-ons manager, Doorhanger notification, Heads Up Display.
Updated support for GoogleToolbar, TabmixPlus, HideCaption, DataManager, LiquidTabs and many others.
Bug 398776: add new popup-based notification system, and use it for the geolocation notification.
Bug 570795 - Create basic "Firefox button" widget.
Bug 464205 followup, making favicons stand out more again in the all-tabs panel.
And many more little fixes and optimizations.

Version 1.8.61 242.7 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.7a6pre

HOTFIX: Fixed missing icon of the tab closebutton.
HOTFIX: Fixed 'jumpy' statusbar issue.
The new add-ons manager: improved style for the 'sorter' selector.
Added icons for the buttons in the new Add-on manager.
Bug 539834 - Need updated content plugin-problem icons and new pinstripe notification icon
Improved style for editbookmarkpanel
Improved styling Print Preview page selector buttons and for horizontal radio buttons.
Littlefox: refined print preview toolbar.
Refined file listing (file:///c:/tmp/)

Version 1.8.60 241.7 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.7a5pre

Force Tabs-on-Top to be also on top of the menubar
Bug 547492 - Use correct resize cursor for collapsed splitters
Bug 554007 - New add-ons manager UI (themes).
Bug 562847 - extensions.css font-size: 120% is not terminated.
Bug 554237 - Dual vertical scrollbars if any type of add-ons exceed window area.
Bug 282127 - Highlight odd tree rows in trees with multiple columns in Gnomestripe and Pinstripe. Implement and use ::-moz-tree-row(multicol).
Bug 457187 - Make the tabs toolbar customizable (drag&drop new/alltabs tabs/buttons)
Bug 518989 - Themes cannot give about:support an original design
Bug 549061 - [Windows] New Style for Tabs
Fixed spacing of treecol-image/icon
Better spacing of primary toolbarbuttons.
Fixed spacing of stumbleupon toolbar-menubuttons
Get rid of empty space after label in treecol when sort arrow is not displayed.

Version 1.8.59 240.6 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.7a3pre

Fixed menu hover style when using cursor keys.
Bug 550293 - plugin-crashed UI needs more user opt-in.
Bug 464205 - all tabs preview is disconnected from the window and oversized.
Bug 480350 - show currently loaded URIs in location bar autocomplete results, allow switching to the tab.
StickyNote & Readability: force small toolbarbutton icon.
Bug 442228 - Implement CSS property to control element resizability.
Bug 538187 - CSS changes for :-moz-window-inactive pseudoclass.
Bug 347930 - Tab strip should be a toolbar instead.
Bug 480178 - Billboard should extend to available space and the update UI should be the same width for all locales.
Improved/optimized styling for toolbarbuttons.
Added support for Facebook.
Made focus outline in urlbar and searchbar/searchtextbox fit the box (even with very large/small fonts).
Bug 508499 - simplify tab drop indicator code and styling.

Version 1.8.58 239.6 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.7a4pre

Bug 180568 - Remove "Enabled" column from about:plugins.
Bug 520364 - Make about:memory themeable.
Bug 455334 - Improve truncation and RTL display of EV cert owner strings in location bar.
Bug 545304 - Use CSS gradients for plugin problem UI.
Bug 547292 - clean up plugin binding styling.
Bump nightly version to 3.7a3pre.
Bug 482692 - Should be able to override -moz-border-colors with border-color.
about:plugins fixed indenting of the new 'Find updates for ...' line.
Fixed menubar>menu hover/active states with Personas.
Fixed feed button issue for real.
Bug 455334 - Improve truncation and RTL display of EV cert owner strings in location bar.
Bug 520364 - Make about:memory themeable.
Bug 547292 - clean up plugin binding styling.
Bug 545304 - Use CSS gradients for plugin problem UI.
TB: Bug 518134 - Enabled column in Message Filters does not track dialog size properly.
Fixed toolbar height issue that causes in rare cases continues reload of yahoo mail page.
Bug 539848 - Make in-content plugin problem UI look better (add pluginProblem.css).
Bug 538910 - Plugins: Need a "plugin crashed" UI.
Consistent handling of icons between extensions and plugins.
Added pluginOutdated-16.png.
Improved styling for the 'CtrlTab' extension from Dao.

Version 1.8.51 209.9 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.7a3pre

Updated to version 3.7a1pre.
Improved alignment in Help/About box.
Fixed JetPack background.
Fixed Evony toolbar button font size.
Fixed Fission background.
Tweaked tabbar/panel borders in preferences panels.
Smaller browser splitter (history/bookmarks sidebar).
border on browser tabbar when sidebar is open.
Remove top border when menubar is hidden (for even more space).
Increased minimal size of thumb of scrollbars.

Version 1.8.50 208.9 KB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.6b1pre

Improved layout of Weave Preferences panes (FF3.5).
Fixed textbox issue in DownThemAll Preferences panel
Added some support of minimaps to Walnut/Walnut2.
Made thumb of scale widget square instead of rectangular.
Improved styling of the 'Tabs' pane of the Options dialogbox.
Bug 489700 - Focus ring is cut off for XUL dropdown in "Clear Recent History..." dialog (FF3.5).
Sanitize/Clear History dialog restyled (FF3.5).
Fixed Tools/Add-ons selector/toolbar shading (FF3.5).
Improved layout for Feeds, Permissions and Security panes in PageInfo.
Removed icon from title textbox in General pane in PageInfo (it didn't reflect the actual favicon anyway).
Fixed bottom spacing in Tools/Options panes (as far as possible given bugs 394433, 284414 and 412325).
Bug 490195 - Search field in "Get Add-ons" panel is bad aligned.
Bug 415297 - Default Firefox theme says it doesnt provide secure update when using non-default theme that hasn't been updated for latest changes.
Bug 462977 - Improve the site button and search button appearance on Windows.
Added support for LocationBar2.
Some performance improvements on the video controls/timethumb.
Menu: fixed layout of disabled menu in menubar.
Improved layout for 'Feeds', 'Permissions', and 'Security' panes in PageInfo.
Fixed border edge in searchbar between searchdropdown and textbox.
Fixed feed subscribe icon in feedview.
Fixed colors of identified domain and indentity in URLbar.
PageInfo: fixed width of columns

Version 1.8.49 207.9 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6a1pre

Version 1.8.48 203.8 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6a1pre

Fixed vertical alignment in urlbar and searchbar.
Updated to AllInOneSidebar 0.7.9 (fixing problems with 'Find Updates' button).
Improved browser frame border in all combinations with AllInOneSidebar and Tab Sidebar
Removed browser.xml (no longer used).
Improved toolbar/menubar shading for non-active windows.
Bug 480953 - Identity button should appear pressed when opening the identity popup (FF3.2).
Bug 470983 - Video controls should ...buffering... indicate when ...buffering... playback is stalled.
Bug 479899 - Remove id selector usage from toolkit themes (FF3.2).

Version 1.8.47 204.8 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6a1pre

Fixed resizer cursors (for exotic cases).
Video/Audio controlbar: added support for progressbar.
fixed centering of textboxes (e.g. in MrTech's ChromeEditor).
Fixed toolbar styling of AllInOneSidebar for text/icon&text modes.
Fixed centering of Url in UrlBar.
Improved styling of multipanel and error console in AllInOneSidebar.
Fixed very small background rounding issue in progressmeter of download manager.
Added support for the new button[type="menu-button"] (used by Thunderbird 3.0)
make buttons on tabbar like normal toolbarbuttons (no border when not hover/active)

Version 1.8.46 203.8 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6a1pre

Updated AllInOneSidebar styling for FF3.
Fixed borders of commandBar buttons in AllInOneSidebar.
fixed missing icon from security button in Tools/Options.

Version 1.8.44 204.8 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6a1pre

Beta release for Firefox 3.1beta.
Summary: 5K size reduction (about 2.5%), 3.1 features, and performance improvements.

Bug 415128 - Help/About dialog does not mention any license (FF3.1)
Merged mbrowser.png and bookmarksManager.png to browserIcons.png
Improved splitters/borders for DOMInspector
Fixed tabDragIndicator and moved it to widgets.png
Moved resizer, downloadIcon, and chatzilla icons to widgets.png
Removed scrollbars.xml bindings workaround (replaced by slicing background-image)
Fixed search icon size in 'Manage Search Engine List'
Bug 463400 - Make about:privatebrowsing useful outside the private browsing mode
Bug 471627 - Update text of about:private browsing before string freeze
Improved video controls (FF3.1 and greater):
* Bug 464371 - fires multiple load events, controls should be s.
* Bug 469030 - video control binding shouldn't use ID attribute.
Bug 460899 - Additional toolbars not fading when browser window is out of focus.
Improved icons for video/media control bar.
Don't grey disabled toolbarbuttons on non-active windows (otherwise the label becomes greenish due to anti-aliasing).
Fixed large fonts display issue in Awesomebar, trees, urlbar and searchbars.
Improved tree separator styling.
Fix file/folder icons in filepicker and in Cookies list in preferences panel.
All about: pages now have shadow (FF3.1) (as performance issue with large shadows has been fixed in FF3.1).
Problem with growing preferences box on Macs hopefully fixed?
Added menu icons for video/media context menu
Private browsing support: change background color of urlbar in private browsing mode.
Added support for flagfox.
Fixed button icons in Download Manager
Added more menu icons for context menu in Addons manager
Bug 433179 - Tag container icon wrong when tag folder is empty
re-enabled -moz-box-shadow on all 'about:' pages (now that Bug 458031 - Long (tall) DIVs using -moz-box-shadow with blur radius make Firefox run really slowly, has been fixed).
Bug 93772 - The arrow indicating sort direction is reversed
Bug 342261 - [nsIAlertsService] all of notification window should be clickable (FF3.1)
Bug 433179 - Tag container icon wrong when tag folder is empty (FF3)
Fixed incorrect spacing of tabbrowser caused by CtrlTab extension (FF3)
Fixed whitespace in separator in trees (FF2.0)
bookmark tree border in Bookmarks Manager (FF2.0)
cutemenu icons for Tools/Addons menupopup, DownloadManager, PrivateBrowsing, media/video content (FF3)
Fixed rounding & border for searchbar and gobutton in urlbar (FF2.0)
Added support for Flagfox

Version 1.8.43 205.8 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1b3pre

Version update to 3.1b3pre.
Bug 449522 - Context menu for HTML5 elements (FF3.1)
Bug 456088 - Ctrl+Tab / All Tabs revision (FF3.1)
Bug 411929 - (PrivateBrowsingUI) Private Browsing UI (FF3.1)
Bug 324121 - Extensions with available updates for the next version of the app should not be listed in app update extension will be disabled warning (FF3.1)
Bug 463189 - Provide an easy method for theme developers to style the browser in private browsing mode (FF3.1)
Bug 431826 - Handling of invalid SSL certificates lacks in usability (FF3.1)
Bug 459950 - Polish about:sessionrestore (FF3.1)
Bug 460934 - tooltip-label class should be globally available (FF3.1)
Fixed missing portrait icon in printPageSetup.

Version 1.8.42 196.6 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1b3pre

Bug 448909 - Need more controls WHATWG Video tag (FF3.1 only)
Bug 459546 - Make about:sessionrestore look good on all platforms (FF3.1 only)
Bug 450944 - Implement -moz-window-shadow functionality on Mac OS X (FF3.1 only)
Fixed all (known) issues with TabMixPlus, Basics and 'New Tab Button on Tab Bar' with all of FF2, FF3 and FF3.1.
Make sure that Bug 164608 - Menu bars in background windows should be grayed out (disabled appearance) is only applied in FF3.1.
Even more fixes to fix the mess of the AllInOneSidebar extension.
Make about:credits a wide box, so that more names are displayed per page.
Replaced the wizard icon.
Don't hide disabled scrollbuttons in scrollable tabbrowser.

Added support for 'Basics', 'New Tab Button on Tab Bar' and 'Tab buttons' (next to Tab Mix Plus).
Bug 448976 - Turn the Session Restore prompt into an error page (FF3.1)
Bug 164608 - Menu bars in background windows should be grayed out (disabled appearance) (FF3.1 only!)
Bug 449792 - Tracking bug for build and release of fx3.1b1 - version bump to 3.1b2pre
New icon for the wizard dialogs.
Fixed menulist spacing in Tools/Options/Applications pane

Fix binding problem for the Addons manager caused by bug 378518 - Remove support for tag names in XBL extends attribute (FF3.1)
Bug 433109 - Menu items suffer from vertical alignment problems on Windows
Bug 423469 - Theme list can be completely obscured
Bug 391728 - No placeholder for disabled plugins (FF3.1)
Bug 413141 - drop -moz-opacity alias (FF3.1)
Bug 448909 - Need more controls WHATWG Video tag (FF3.1)
Bug 458588 - remove uses of -moz-outline* and drop the aliases afterwards (FF3.1)
Bug 372826 - Update about:license, about:buildconfig to the new style/look of about:
Bug 368972 - Default width/height for plugin placeholders should be 240px/200px
Bug 452385 - Bookmark This Page panel hangs Firefox when -moz-border-radius is used
Bug 448193 - No 3D effects (inset, outset) with border 1px and -moz-border-radius
Bug 445639 - Polish the Launch Application window - dialog box cut with Windows large icons enabled
Bug 455756 - Add a "new tab" button to the tab bar (FF3.1)
netError.css and config.css: use same background as about: for consistency
about: fixed sizing of boxes to allow for different system font sizes
All: Fixed issue with dragover links into bookmark menu button in bookmarks toolbar
Updated support for TabMixPlus.

Version 1.8.38 192.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1b1pre

Reduced spacing between menupopup's when opening to the left (to prevent disappear menu's).
Expander buttons (Bookmarks Organizer, PageInfo) now use plus and minus signs.
Replaced all [disabled] with [disabled="true"] (as disabled="false" should be considered as disabled).
Fixed background color of about:credits.
Added workaround for [Bug 452385] Bookmark This Page panel hangs Firefox when -moz-border-radius is used.

Version 1.8.37 192.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1a2pre

Re-enable menu highlighting when selecting menu entry with cursor keys
Made style for search textfield consistent across Tools/Addons, PlacesLibrary, download manager and history/bookmarks sidebar.
Improved border style for Library manager
Made style for splitters in toolbars consistent.
Bug 445473 -- Ctrl+Tab panel layout update
FF3.1 only: Bug 426732 -- Use native platform colors for hyperlinks both in chrome and content
Before FF3.1: revert link in Awesomebar list back to normal text color

Version 1.8.36 192.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1a2pre

Hotfix for the bookmark menu width issue introduced by 1.8.35

Version 1.8.35 192.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.1a2pre

Added support for the new Ctrl_Tab (FF3.1).
Added support for the search/cancel icons in the new search widget (FF3.1).
Fixed menu button layout in Organize Bookmarks (and some other menu style code cleanup).
Improved layout for AwesomeBar.

Version 1.8.34 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Updated support for tabsidebar (complete redesign).
Added more cutemenu icons's.
Fixed issues with AllInOneSidebar.
Fixed issue with Cookie Monster 0.92 tooltip.
Updated styling of Sage-Too.
Fixed styling of Showcase.
Fixed issue with FEBE popup windows.

Version 1.8.33 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Added support for Weatherbug
Improved contract in scrollbar/slider
Fixed tab image favicon flickering issue
Use system colors for tooltips

Version 1.8.32 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Updated support for Chatzilla, including improved styling.
Added hover/active feedback for clickable statusbar items.
Fixed horizontal scrollbar issue in Download Manager (and some more richlist cleanup)
Fixed support for Download Statusbar to allow customizable progressbar colors
Added support for DownloadHelper, DownThemAll, Fast Video Download, FeedSidebar, FlashGot, PDF Download, Split Panel, NoScript

Version 1.8.31 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Favicons are now displayed again.
Fixed margins of searchbar.
Fixed half-button issue in FF2's Tools/Addon window.

Version 1.8.30 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Quick fix to fix the icon scaling issue in the browser tabs for FF2.

Version 1.8.29 191.5 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Updated maxVersion to 3.0.*
Glow behind the favicon for better visibility of it.
Updated support for downloadbar.
Fixed margins in searchbar.
Give all buttons with label OK or Cancel its corresponding icon.
Bug 432848 – Folder listbox in Bookmark Contextual Dialog doesn't use special icons (bookmarks toolbar,

bookmarks menu, unsorted bookmarks).
Bug 426453 – Wrong plugin icon size used.
Bug 432409 – Folder drop down in Bookmark Contextual Dialog doesn't use special icons (bookmarks toolbar,

bookmarks menu, unsorted bookmarks).
Bug 425116 - Notification bars in addons manager use the wrong icon.
Bug 431275 – Give notification bars default icons via CSS.
Bug 425131 – Tree view should not contain dotted lines.

Version 1.8.28 189.4 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0pre

Fixed missing RSS icon from bookmarks toolbar
Fixed bookmark folder icon
Bug 348784 – Bookmark and History sidebar "titles" have too much padding and is not aligned with "Search:" below each
Bug 431275 – Give notification bars default icons via CSS
Bug 430904 – Use identity error icons on ssl error pages (all platforms)
Bug 427179 – Set second line in download manager results to GrayText
Bug 417844 – SSL appearance for site identity button and location bar should be consistent across platforms
Bug 387480 - Support network-fetched cert import in Servers tab of Cert Mgr ("Add Exception" dialog)

Version 1.8.27 184.3 KB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0pre

Fixed icons in bookmarks/places views.
Cleaned old icons from /browser/skin/places.
Bug 427179 – Set second line in download manager results to GrayText
Bug 425131 – Tree view should not contain dotted lines
Bug 428648 – Fix Tag, Day, Host containers attributes
Bug 428020 – Library infoPane does not shrink if localstore has an height set up
(Rename of element infoPane to infoPaneBox, to discard previously set height in localstore.rdf as the infoPane is no longer resizeable...)
Bug 418257 – Show what part of which tags match for urlbar autocomplete
A fix for the dropdown buttons of the back/forward buttons on the Mac platform:
Bug 414445 – The Back and Forward button have arrows below them in Text mode and custom themes
Version bumped to 3.0pre (in anticipation of the final 3.0 release!)