Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Nice idea. I like the essentially one-click copy/save functions involving all open tab URL(s).
However, it adds a 'Mail and Save' item to the menu bar which cannot be moved or removed (even using the menu-editor add-on). It also adds a rather large toolbar below the 'add-on bar' (or in what would be its location if you have it hidden) which also cannot be moved/disabled.

Including options for this add-on, such as the ability to move/remove either of the aforementioned items would help.

I also think it would work well (if not better) as a simple addition to the tab context menu or as a toolbar button perhaps with a drop-down menu.

Just my thoughts.

Thank you..


Really thank you for your constructive suggestions, would try to accommodate them in the future versions.

Thanks once again.