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Why was KeeFox created?

I think everyone should be given the opportunity to remain secure on the internet. There were no secure open source password management solutions that are understandable for non-technical people so I decided to create one.

KeePass Password Safe is by far the most powerful open source password management solution available and it works on the three main desktop operating systems (not to mention the ports available on most major mobile operating systems) so it made sense to use it as the base for the KeeFox idea.

I wanted to produce an add-on that would make every day interactions with passwords much easier while allowing as many people as possible to benefit from the security offered by KeePass.

I consider locking the world's information away in propriety and secret formats a fundamental error that is all too common even among otherwise intelligent people. Sometimes it's difficult to find open-standard alternatives that work well so pragmatism is important; for password management there is now an alternative.

What's next for KeeFox

I'm working on a more secure and more future-proof way to send information to/from KeePass and Firefox as well as keyboard shortcuts and right-click "context" menus.

The main task for the next 6 months will be ensuring that KeeFox continues to work despite the huge changes to Firefox due in version 25. This might require widespread changes to the way that users interact with KeeFox so I'll be seeking input from existing users during the summer in order to help us make the most of this opportunity. During or shortly after that work, we will enable the ability to search for KeePass entries from within Firefox.

There are also scores of worthwhile feature requests on the KeeFox issue tracker so future KeeFox versions will try to address as many as possible. Form filling accuracy is always a priority (KeeFox 1.2 brings many improvements in that area).

A small survey to help users indicate their desires and ideas for KeeFox improvements ran through much of 2012. You might want to read about the survey results.

Identity management is a rapidly evolving area so KeeFox may need to adapt quickly to ensure KeePass users can take advantage of new standards and innovative ideas.

If anyone feels they can contribute to development please take a look at|-Development and dive in.

Everyone can take a look at how to contribute to improve KeeFox.

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