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When Firefox was first released I had tried a few themes but there really wasn't anything that I liked enough to use as my default theme and since then I have tested and tried out a hundred or so I guess and with the exception of few from Ed Hume I have stayed with Firefox's default theme until you released JetFox Aqua.
I'm not quite sure what the exact selling point for me is, but I love this theme. It just works well for me. Admittedly I have quite a few of my own personal tweaks that has altered JetFox Aqua but the foundation still exists.
I have a few bugs to report that have turned up in 1.4. I confirmed that the bug originates from JetFox Aqua by testing it in a new and clean profile.
Anyways, when prompted to save a file, there is no indicator (for lack of a better word) to display what selection I have made. If it wasn't for the dim ring around the selection that I've made, I'd have no idea what my selection is.
Also the RSS icon doesn't display in the location bar.
Screen shots-

Will you please let me know the file name and location of the graphic that you use for the default bookmark icon?

Thanks for taking the time to develop and share JetFox Aqua with others. You should be proud of the popularity that it has.

You should consider a web site or blog and an e-mail address for support.

Thanks so much, for the praise and bug report! What are your tweaks? Please share them here. I am just a novice themer, so I do not know the reason for the 1st bug you reported. The 2nd bug also has me stumped. The bookmark icon is named and located just as in Bodizzle's themes. I am proud and surprised by how popular it is!