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How hard would it be to allow for custom icons to be set manually? It's nice having autogenerated ones, but for sites and servers that I use regularly that have either no icon, a confusing icon or an ugly one, I would prefer to specify my own.

I've used Favicon Picker, and now Bookmark Favicon Changer to set icons for single pages, but I'd also like to be able to set icons for entire sites.

This should be a relatively straightforward to do, and I've made the same suggestion to the developer of Bookmark Favicon Changer to suggest that you two team up and merge your code together to allow for site-wide custom icons. The hash-based ones would be used as a secondary measure, although I may revert to the add-on that just uses coloured squares as it's easier on the eye. But I definitely want to be able to use my hand-drawn icons across whole sites :)


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Hello Daniel! The suggestion to allow manual picking of favicons has been made several times. I might do it eventually, however, I have very little time to spend on this add-on - most of this goes into keeping it up to date with the most recent firefox versions, and recently also into adding locales. Development of various new features is on my to do list.