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Edit2:thanks for replay and help.just about yellow number actually when i add *:*/* in ignore url
it also block recently blocked URL,but i want just dont see yellow number and i want see what url blocked

hi,can you add sync options for rules?also can you explain what is doing ignored http url?
it seems not working,so if you can please let me now how it work
edit:if you can add option to disable (yellow number that behind red icon tool bar )recently blocked site
it can be done easy if you allow set 0 in recently blocked general setting

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Edit2:I understand, yes, I will add an option to disable the number on the button. To see the status of issues and suggest other features/bugfixes, please go here: https://github.com/cwilper/http-nowhere/issues

Hi, if you want to save your settings in another installation of Firefox (or to another profile), you can copy the file called httpNowhere-rules.json from your profile directory into the target profile directory.The 'ignored' http urls are just like blocked urls, but they won't notify you (so the yellow number won't show up for them). To effectively disable the yellow number, you can just enter the following as an ignore url: *:*/* (that will catch everything, so you won't see notifications).Note that the upcoming version 2.1.0 has an option to try https for any url that is not explicitly allowed or ignored, so you may want to give that a try as an alternative to blocking also. It will be in the General Settings pane.Thanks for your input.