Great Work! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hey this really surprised me.
I thought that there would be a lot of setup and configuration involved but I logged in and I was ready to go.

I created an album, uploaded 10 images to it, and then emailed and received the album (or photos I should say) successfully all within just a couple of minutes.
All add-ons should be as pain free to setup and use as this one.

I'd recommend to other users to run Firefox in full screen to get a broader overview of your album and to view an image at a larger size.
It appears that images are automatically resized for displaying purposes but the actual uploaded size is saved when you specify your desired size in the GPhotoSpace settings. So when you are viewing a photo in the standard viewing mode in Firefox and then switch to full screen mode, you will have to click on Previous or Next and then once again click on your photo to refresh the image size. Refreshing the page does not do that and will take you back to the login screen.

Also, you access the GPhotoSpace options by selecting "Settings" at the top of the page once you login and not through the add-ons manager (which should probably be changed).

I'd like to see more documentation provided for users to cover issues such as the ones that I mentioned, so that they know that they are not actually logged into a web page, and for other general FAQ.

Lastly, I'd really like to see an option to view the images at their full size(s).

Thanks for adding PNG support!

Congrats on this! I suspect that it will become pretty popular.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.1).