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I'm sorry, but this is disastrous. It's hard to know where to even begin, really.

First of all, i am wary of themes that have a significantly different interface from the OS. It is generally a bad idea to do this except in niche cases (high contrast required, &c.).

Regarding high contrast, i suppose this theme does qualify in some places, but in others it absolutely does not. The colouring is extremely haphazard and the backgrounds are incredibly busy, which obviously reduces readability.

The interface components (tool-bar icons, scroll bars, buttons, &c.) seem randomly put together and are very poor in quality. Looking at the Options window, for instance, the tab icons (Main, Tabs, Content, and so on) are clearly not of the same style and do not have the same colouring. Most add absolutely nothing to the labels below them (how do scales represent 'Main' ?), and some are incomprehensible (the 'Tabs' one). The images were apparently not designed with this use in mind because they are surrounded by little jaggy white pixels -- clearly very little effort went in to making this all fit together.

The scroll bars flip backwards when you hover over them, which could possibly be the most irritating and un-intuitive UI effect i have ever seen in my life.

Everything is covered in dated and chunky looking gradients and bevels, which perfectly captures the work of early-'90s amateur graphic-artists. The push-buttons (OK, Cancel, Help) and menus are particularly bad.

Overall the theme is haphazard, confusing, and poorly designed. I would not recommend it; if a high-contrast theme is needed, there are far better ones than this on AMO.

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