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I have fully tested the Google Disconnect v242 add-on and the developer description is exactly as described... Work perfectly fine with Firefox browser v19 but "Gaianeh" comment posted on June 8, 2012 and me have the same blocked issue with Facebook when trying to watch Youtube videos, if this happen to you then to solve this problem just follow instructions.

Google Disconnect: Disable Firefox add-on from extension manager.
Facebook Disconnect: Disable AdBlock Plus v223 everywhere option.
Twitter Disconnect: Found no problem watching videos on Facebook.

Also some websites are block from seeing the image captcha code,if so then simply select the unblock preference in the location bar and that will restore the image captcha code back... Now for those who having trouble saving Google Disconnect preference its because you need to have your web browser cookies enable or if you have remove all the old cookies files using Firefox "Clear Recent History" option then all your preference will go back to the original default setting... Enjoy!