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Hey ho,
first I have a Mac and the Linux Version runs pretty well on Snow Leopard10.6.8 and FF 16.0.2. But there is one thing that distrubs me a lot. That is the transparent menubar after right-clicking. I don´t use keyboard shortcuts, so I use it very often. A black or grey menubar would be fine. But nevertheless it´s an awsome and well designed dark theme. The best I know so far. I also use the linux version with my thunderbird 16.0.2.
Hope it helps ;)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.1.4). 

Hi there,
Thanks for your review :) Usually I don t use to reply on bugs here (it s much better to send me an e-mail and to attach some screenshots or video so I could better see what is the problem), especially if they are linked with the use of my themes on MAC. I don t own one so I can t offer support for that platform. But I think I know why your right-click menu is transparent and there is a chance that with my next update it will solve that. So stay tuned and download the next version to see if it solves your problem on MAC.

Thanks again for your review and for using my work