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Please, Please PLEASE update for FF3.6 +

This is one of the best ways to search across multiple tabs and the presentation of the results is very practical.

The closest alternative I have been able to find is Tabhunter.

Its benefit is that it actually searches across all tabs in ALL windows. Its con is that the presentation of the results is not the best. Also clicking on a result takes you to the tab BUT does not highlight the results, so you have to perform another Find.

As for Find IN Tabs, when the divider line is moved down, you only get grey space, the window split does not adjust.

If you try to move up, it shrinks the other frame, BUT if you move the split back it does not grow back.

There are also some incompatibilities I have pointed out before (see my previous review).

I am using FF 3.5.10 & OS X 10.4.11 but would like to move to FF 3.6 +

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