Poweruser Approved! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Some may argue that FabTabs does not add functionality; that it is merely eye-candy that makes your Firefox look as gaudy as the plugin name implies. As an avid power-user of Firefox, I absolutely and most wholeheartedly disagree. Not only does FabTabs breathe life and color into an otherwise bleak shades-of-grey world of the default UI, it dramatically improves your own personal cognition and mental identification of tabs. At least, that's what I found personally. It's hard to see with only a few tabs, but open a few dozen, and the tabs start to categorize themselves visually, without the need for any additional tab management plugin. This makes powerbrowsing a simple, smooth, and almost joyful experience. I know tabs with a particular deep shade of blue will likely be Facebook, a certain shade of red is a CNN.com article, and a familiar bright orange is the Blogger dashboard. Color-coding tabs by page colors has radically improved my speed and efficiency in finding the right tab without resorting to a search, thumbnail view, or some fancy tab-management method/plugin. I can easily work with dozens tabs as if they were just a few thanks to the gorgeous functionality of FabTabs.

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