eBay Sidebar Version History

41 versions

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Version 1.6.6 792.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Pop-up alerts will no longer appear outside the browser window when the window is minimized.
* The alert box would appear in an unexpected location if the Firefox status-bar was hidden.
* Items would not appear correctly in the sidebar when disconnecting then reconnecting the Companion without restarting Firefox.
* It should now be possible to view the EULA when installing the Companion on systems with low-resolution screens such as the Eee-PC.
* The Companion sidebar will be displayed after the Companion is upgraded.

Version 1.6.4 792.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Fixed several bugs leading to duplicate items appearing on the sidebar
* Sidebar images were blurry in Firefox 3
* Notification in the Sidebar of a new version has been disabled in Firefox 3. Firefox 3 has this functionality built-in.

Version 1.6.3 791.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Two or more items with the same end time would often be duplicated on every sidebar refresh (regression introduced in 1.6.1)

Version 1.6.2 791.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Fixing regression that crept in with version 1.6.1, causing items the user is bidding on to not be shown on the sidebar.

Version 1.6.1 791.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Fixed severe intermittent freezing issue experienced by some users
* Autocomplete suggestions will now behave correctly for queries containing a space
* Users with low-resolution screens were previously unable to reach the bottom of the EULA dialog to accept
* Sidebar header now looks less out-of-place for Firefox 3 on Mac
* Fixed minor memory leak that occurs when installed in Firefox 3
* Minor performance enhancements and bug fixes
* Minor string alterations

Version 1.6 790.5 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

* Firefox 3 Compatibility
* Sidebar colours are now compatible with dark themes (e.g. Aquatint)
* Ghost items no longer appear in the display list when Best Offer items are present
* “Buy it Now” and “Place Bid” buttons now take the user to the Item’s listing page
* Multiple small bugfixes

Version 1.5 794.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* Audio alerts
* Tighter alert integration with OS
* Growl alerts for Mac (Note - Growl and Growl Notifications extension is required)
* Preferences menu updated
* eBay item drag and drop functionality to quickly add items to watch list
* Ended item flow ("Leave feedback", "Mark as posted" etc.)
* Autosuggest results in search box (UK only)

Version 1.1.1 665.6 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

Bugfix to remove text relocation execution warning under SELinux.

Version 1.1 655.4 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* Now works for all eBay sites (select eBay site using the Options panel)
* Fixed image roll over flickering
* Other bug fixes and optimisations (please see http://ebay.glaxstar.com)

Version 1.0.1 656.4 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* Fixed bug where user receives repeated alerts on ended items
* Other minor bugs fixed - see http://ebay.glaxstar.com for details

Version 1.0 653.3 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

General release of version 1.0 of the eBay Companion for Firefox.