CoolPreviews 4.6

Privacy Policy

Cooliris deeply respects your privacy and that of our millions of users. The following describes our privacy practices that are specific to the CoolPreviews browser addon.

* To optimize the user experience and provide services to our users, CoolPreviews collects and stores non-personally identifiable information (NPII) in aggregate form, including but limited to the number of times the preview window launches, number of pages viewed, usage of features, preference settings, etc. This information helps us gauge the usefulness of our product and its features.

* CoolPreviews does not collect personally identifiable information (PII), with the exception of your email address, if and only if you choose to register for the send feature. Your email address is used as your login and to verify that you are the rightful owner of that email address.

* Cooliris does not store the email address of any recipient of your message.

* We will not spam you nor any recipient of messages you sent through CoolPreviews.

Cooliris develops a porfolio of products available for free, including CoolPreviews, Cooliris browser plugin, Cooliris Express, Cooliris for iPhone , developer tools, among others. For more information about the privacy practices pertaining to the use of Cooliris products and services, including Coolpreviews, please see the Cooliris Privacy Policy at .

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