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I love this add-on for ease my eyes when reading long articles. Wondering is it possible to have an option to keep original foreground color when using light color theme.

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Great add-on, exactly what I was looking for!
The only thing would be better in my opinion is to have an option to remove the infinite scroll, which makes me a little disoriented sometimes... but still, great add on, thanks!

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An exceptional addon, but it's lacking a pretty basic feature as far as I'm concerned. That is the ability to change the text-font size. If said option gets added into the configuration menu, I can't imagine anything else to ask for.

1) The first reason for this option being absent is that there are many settings that override or modify a given font size in pixels (application zoom, page zoom, text zoom, minimum font size, CSS transform, font-size scaling). Adding another size to that merely leads to confusion.
2) The second reason is that within Column Reader I try to make only those changes to the layout which are needed for a column view, in order to prevent unpredictable styling conflicts.

I'm willing to look into this again to see whether I can guarantee a single absolute font size (or compressed range of absolute font sizes) for all text (not including compensation for minimum font sizes as set in the Firefox preferences).

Please donate to make it possible.

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A special and awesome addon,performs very well.Thanks!

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Realy great viewer addons. Thanks a lot for your work.

I want to like this addon, but the fade-away effect makes needs to go Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I really like that this add-on is lightweight and allows you to select the specific element to apply it to. Of course, as others have said, it could really use a better/more user-friendly user interface, and perhaps that is where my problem comes in.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable that fade effect on the top and bottom margins. It's making certain lines of text unreadable, which defeats the purpose of an add-on like this. Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cugomsmthwms6cf/Capture.PNG?dl=0

How do I get rid of that fade effect? It needs to be gone.

Column Reader is content-agnostic, so it cannot correct for lines that are cut in half - the fade out merely keeps these lines readable and makes clear where to start reading at the top of the column. I guess it takes some time to get used to.

In the future, I might create an extension that makes use of CSS columns, which do have content-aware layout. However, CSS columns did not exist yet when I developed Column Reader.

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FANTASTIC! This makes it super easy to read articles, etc. The layout is wonderful. It truly makes reading from a website like reading from a book!