Color Transform Version History

8 versions

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Version 4.9 44.1 kB Works with Firefox 24.0 and later, Thunderbird 23.0 and later

FIX: The panel content now correctly reloads when needed.
CODE: Most regular functions were replaced by arrow functions.

Version 4.7 42.7 kB Works with Firefox 23.0 and later, Thunderbird 20.0 and later

FEATURE: The panel may now be switched to a larger size when desired.
FEATURE: Style sheet parsing was sped up by more than 10% by using regular expressions.
FIX: Failure of -moz-element is prevented now by testing for the presence of a base href.
FIX: Multiple named colors in a property string are correctly replaced now.
FIX: Automatic coloration is switched off again after double-clicking the toolbar button.
FIX: The panel background was made darker to improve readability.
FIX: The tool tips now explain both states of the complicated options.
FIX: The 'wait' cursor is now more reliably restored to 'auto'.

Version 4.6 44.2 kB Works with Firefox 20.0 and later, Thunderbird 19.0 and later

FIX: The example document was temporarily disabled because it led to hard to fix errors.
FIX: The toggle icons were improved for color blind people and now always change shape.
FIX: The HSLA transform icons were made more recognizable for people with limited sight.
FIX: The click handler on the panel buttons is now set on larger container elements.

Version 4.4 32.7 kB Works with Firefox 17.0 and later

FEATURE: Opacity was added to the menu and included in the transformation.
FIX: Minimal compatibility with the Australis interface was realized.
FIX: A css rule that referred to all canvas elements in xul is now scoped correctly to the menu.
FIX: The developer menu now hides when the cursor moves out of it.

Version 4.2 26.0 kB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

FEATURE: A miniature preview is (optionally) shown of the effect of theme and transform buttons.
FIX: The toolbar button is now placed on the navigator toolbar during installation and re-enabling.
FIX: The document is no more reloaded when a theme is applied to a selected element.
FIX: The top-left warning message that denotes canvas element insertion is no more added to iframes.
FIX: The element selection focus now responds to changes in text zoom.
FIX: Clicking the menu itself does no more produce an error in the error console.

Version 4.1 22.1 kB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

FEATURE: A dutch translation was included for all extension tool tips.
FEATURE: An option was added for automatic page reload on selection of a theme, while the image compression option was removed.
FEATURE: Two CSS color properties were added: "border-image-source" and "outline-color".
FIX: The brightness contrast in background images was increased for all themes to improve their readability.
FIX: The maximum image size limits were increased to prevent downsizing or exclusion of images when this is not desired/necessary.
FIX: Image content is now also shared between multiple image references for reasons of speed.
FIX: An error in the low-level transform which led to noticeable hue shifts was corrected.
FIX: A small exclamation mark in the upper left corner of documents now notifies users that a canvas container element was appended.
FIX: A document can no more be transformed while a worker is still processing images contained in that document.
FIX: The extension now works correctly after the toolbar button is restored from the Customize Toolbar.
CODE: The HSL transform was sped up by 40% by replacing the array of transform coefficients by named constants.
CODE: Image elements are now always transformed in a second thread to achieve a minor speed increase.

Version 4.0 19.6 kB Works with Firefox 15.0 and later

Version 4.0 was improved on the following points:

1) Color transformation was sped up by using integer arithmetic and Int32Array parameters for the low level transform.
2) The use of the element computed styles was eliminated for reasons of speed.
3) Image content is now reloaded when necessary and replaced by either canvas background elements or data URLs.
4) Large images are now transformed asynchronously by a separate web worker to make the page update faster.
5) List-style-images are now included with the foreground styles and their image references are replaced by data URLs.
6) The global ColorTransform style rules are now inserted in a new style sheet and no more in the first available style sheet.
7) Color attributes are now replaced by inline styles on body, table, tbody, tr, td and font elements only.
8) Stored coefficients are placed in a single char pref instead of four different ones.
9) The minimum Firefox version was set to 17.0 because it is the first version with sufficiently high quality memory management.
10)Two options were added for the inclusion of iframes and child elements.
11)One option was added to switch between strongly and weakly blending of theme colors with page colors.
12)One option was added to switch between large and small steps for the 18 HSL component transforms.
13)Three options were added for the exclusion of large images, for scaling images down, and for changing the hue of images only.
14)One option was added to restore the default settings including the transform.
15)Six more themes were added and the readability of the themes was improved.
16)The 16 HSLC transforms were replaced by 18 HSL transforms (contrast was merged and two functions were added for hue and saturation).
17)Code was added to transform html documents automatically when they are loaded, with separate options for iframes.
18)Clicking the main button now toggles automatic transformation (single click) or applies the saved transformation (double-click).
19)The use of getMostRecentWindow was prevented throughout the extension by obtaining direct references to XUL documents from events.
20)The popup menu/panel is now aligned at the right side with the button to prevent it to be hidden beneath an os bar at the right.
21)The default color transform is empty now, as this makes more sense for the 'Restore defaults' option.
22)Stylesheet children of CSSImportRules are now included in the recursive modification of styles (bug fix).
23)Color names in background-image styles are now replaced within 'gradient*)'-sub-strings only (bug fix).
24)For safety and speed, images are no more replaced with canvas elements but are made transparent with canvas backgrounds (bug fix).
25)The ColorTransform element focus now responds correctly to scrolling and zooming and it is no more color-transformed (bug fix).
26)Background colors for document.body and document.documentElement are correctly combined now (bug fix).
27)The menu is now correctly changed in all browsers at once (bug fix).

Version 3.2 14.3 kB Works with Firefox 12.0 and later

Version 3.2 improves on version 2.2 on the following points:
1) The buttons were replaced by a menu button with a menupopup having different implementations which can be toggled using button "Next menu type".
2) A leak was removed which was due to references held in transformed html documents to arrays returned by one of the functions in the colortransform module.
3) Event listeners on the buttons were moved to the toolbar item and are now also removed correctly on uninstall.
4) The "text", "color" and "bgcolor" attributes are now replaced by inline styles containing their computed values for "color" or "background-color".
5) Exception handling was added to "getBoundingClientRect" because it may generate exceptions on pages like "about:memory".