Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This service has been around for some time... and it's still here, still the same. Which is good. Because it means it's more likely to survive as a great (often handy) means of clipping, sharing, storing (in the cloud) important bits out of a full webpage. Another handy use for it is one can build up a collection of users to follow and generate a nifty RSS feed of clips.

Update: I didn't understand the review below, so translated it via Google Translate:
"No possibility to save the clip to disk, only on the publisher's site, contrary to what the video shows seen on youtube site http://clipmarks.com/installed/firefox
The license for this add-on is also worth seeing, it should not even be legal in France. Other users have requested that the local backup is "restored" a year ago, without success. If the wishes of the users are despised so, what about respect for private life??
In other words to avoid.
Immediately removed once installed ... extending the fastest on my FF."

Raises a point worth serious consideration, I must say.