Append to Clipboard Version History

5 versions

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Version 1.0.0 11.8 kB Works with Firefox 26.0 and later

* Fix bug with "null" being added when append is used with an empty clipboard
* Feature: Add optional "Clear clipboard" menu item

Version 0.1.1 11.3 kB Works with Firefox 21.0 and later

* Internationalize

* Updated to SDK 1.16 and updated deprecated APIs

Version initial.rev99.1 183.5 kB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Repacked with the SDK version 1.14

Version initial.rev99 166.0 kB Works with Firefox 17.0 and later

Additional (optional) menu items for appending with an intervening line break or two (or none).

Version initial.rev77 181.9 kB Works with Firefox 16.0 and later