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This add-on works perfectly, with one exception.

With browser.tabs.autoHide set to false, the tab bar is always displayed, even if there is only a single tab open. If the "Close current Tab" action accidentally gets executed in the last remaining tab, then the entire browser window is dismissed. It would be good to add a modified action that would close the current tab -- unless this were the last remaining tab open, in which case the action would be ignored. This would solve the problem of having browser sessions terminated unexpectedly due to losing track of the number of tabs opened.

Other than this small nit, the gestures work reliably. This is a great productivity improvement to the browsing experience.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


There are two functions for closing tabs: "Close current Tab" and "Close Document". How these functions work depends on the standard Firefox pref (that can be set with about:config) browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab.

If browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab is true, both "Close current Tab" and "Close Document" close the window when the tab is the last one (the two functions do the same).

If browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab is false, "Close current Tab" closes the window when the tab is the last one while "Close Document" doesn't.

In summary, "Close current Tab" always closes the window, while "Close Document" follows the closeWindowWithLastTab preference.

Thanks for using AiOG.