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Global Twitch Emotes No Restart

Twitch culture wherever you go! This extension replaces all emote phrases with their actual emoticons

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1,235 users
Updated August 28, 2015

Short-eared Owl puzzle No Restart

A little simple logic game. Assemble the puzzle, while walking on the sites of the Internet

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2 users
Updated August 28, 2015

Cowberry puzzle No Restart

Simple logical game

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1 user
Updated August 26, 2015

Mozilla WebVR Enabler No Restart

Enables WebVR support in recent Firefox Nightly builds, avoiding the need to make about:config changes.

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288 users
Updated August 7, 2015 No Restart

Simply adds a button to to connect to the official server.

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412 users
Updated July 12, 2015

LucidBot Web Addon Mobile No Restart

LucidBot Web Addon

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21 users
Updated June 14, 2015

Yasminoku sudoku No Restart

Yasminoku is a sudoku game, generator and solver created by Joan Alba Maldonado on 25th of July 2006 which has been now improved.

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154 users
Updated December 17, 2014


Remplace les chargeurs habituels de Travally en envoyant depuis votre navigation Travian les données à analyser sur Travally.

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Updated November 20, 2014

SIMFox No Restart

SIMFox adds some visual facilities at SIM Horse Racing site

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45 users
Updated August 24, 2014 Feed No Restart

Get the latest football news from on your Firefox for Android homescreen. This add-on provides breaking news directly from so you can keep up with the football competitions, teams and players that matter to you.

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Updated June 9, 2014

WOT Play Replay

Данное приложение расширяет возможности сайта

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305 users
Updated January 29, 2014