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YouTube toggle Flash and HTML

Adds a toolbar button to toggle between Flash and the default HTML players

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Added September 22, 2016

Screen Sharing By ATExpert

Screen Sharing By ATExpert HUB

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Added September 22, 2016

screen-sharing atexpert

A screen-sharing extension by ATExpert

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Added September 21, 2016

Listen To Youtube

Extract mp3 from youtube video and download them

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Added September 19, 2016

Affinity Enhancement Tool

This extension provides various enhancements for

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Added September 17, 2016

Erudo Screen-sharing extension

A screen-sharing extension

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Added September 16, 2016

Entreguistas e Golpistas

O navegador mostra, além dos golpistas, quem são os Entreguistas do Pré-Sal, facilitando na hora de reconhecer os deputados traidores que estão trabalhando a favor da entrega do nosso patrimônio.

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Added September 13, 2016


Is it time to stop? Press this button for great advice!

ripped from here:

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Added September 11, 2016

Pinterst Overlay Killer

Removes the Overlay at Pinterst when not logged in - so that you can just watch a Pinterest-wall without being logged in

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Added September 9, 2016

Intelli-H Screen-sharing extension

An Intelli-H screen-sharing extension for connect

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Added September 8, 2016

FB Recent

Force facebook home URL to load newsfeed always on most recent sorting.

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Added September 3, 2016

Temer Golpista

Uma extensão para navegadores que muda qualquer texto de "MicheI Temer" para “Temer Golpista”

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Added September 1, 2016

Powiadamiacz to rozszerzenie informujące o streamach na stronie - już po minucie od ich rozpoczęcia! Już nigdy więcej nie przegapisz live'ów swoich ulubionych streamerów!

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Added August 30, 2016

Hector - Facebook Blocker/Rehab

Hector, the friendly dog, will redirect you away from Facebook and instead show you interesting things outside Facebook, that may be more helpful to your everyday life.

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Added August 28, 2016

Sci-Hub Links

Turns DOI and Pubmed adress into sci-hub Links.

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Added August 26, 2016


A minimal add-on implemented by WebExtension standard. Send the page you are currently viewing to your mobile device.

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Added August 25, 2016

Kameto Live Extension

A l'aide de cette extension, vous serez prévenu quand Kameto lance son stream à l'aide d'une notification cliquable. Vous pourrez savoir à tout moment à l'aide de l'icône si il est toujours en ligne ou non.

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Added August 24, 2016

Kchehck - Bullshit detector for crowdfunding

This plugin will help to identify the projects you can trust and the others. Share your analysis with the community to detect scams.

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Added August 22, 2016

FB On-Task

Keeps you on task when you first visit facebook!

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Added August 21, 2016

VK Customizer

Расширение позволяет настраивать дизайн ВКонтакте на свой вкус

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Added August 19, 2016