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Free Haaretz No Restart

A nefarious extension that easily bypasses the Haaretz paywall

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479 users
Updated October 1, 2015

Anoweb - Annotate the web No Restart

A simple firefox extension that allows you to make and view annotations on different pages across the web.

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16 users
Updated September 30, 2015

Save URL to Wayback Machine No Restart

This Firefox addon will add a new item to the context menu and the toolbar menu, allowing you to save the current webpage to the Wayback Machine.

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125 users
Updated September 28, 2015

SreeVidya No Restart

Samskritham Transliteration

Read Sanskrit in any Indian script.
Currently supports - देवनागरी, മലയാളം, বাঙ্গালী, ಕನ್ನಡ, ગુજરાથી, తెలుగు, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, தமிழ், ଓଡିୟା.

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15 users
Updated September 26, 2015

tumblr Original Posts Only No Restart

Hide tumblr posts that are reposts. Use this functionality to view only the original content you are interested in.

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24 users
Updated September 26, 2015

Diarios anónimos: Clarín y La Nación No Restart

Evita tener que registrarte para leer los diarios Clarín y La Nación.

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92 users
Updated September 23, 2015

Teddy Can Vote No Restart

This extension browser action will connect to teddycan search to vote a link cool or uncool.

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2 users
Updated September 22, 2015

DeepDyve Plugin No Restart

DeepDyve Plugin for FireFox

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60 users
Updated September 21, 2015

So Hot Right Now No Restart

So Hot Right Now is a Firefox extension that highlights the most viewed articles on the New York Times website (www.nytimes.com). In addition, it places a 'hot' icon next to the articles shared most often on Twitter in the last day.

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57 users
Updated September 8, 2015

ReferencerJS No Restart

Wollten sie schon eine(m/r) Freund(in) auf bestimmte Website Inhalte aufmerksam machen? Mit diesem Addon können Website Elemente markiert und via URL referenziert werden.

This addon that let you mark any website elements and refer to them via URL.

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3 users
Updated September 6, 2015

Hide Facebook Feed No Restart

Hide all feed content from your facebook's home page.

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39 users
Updated September 5, 2015

MUA Web Unicode Converter No Restart

It is a Firefox addons that will check web content and convert to Unicode encoded text if they are Zawgyi. It use Parabaik Converter and Myanmar Font Tagger Script(by Ko Thant Thet Khin Zaw).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (4)
166 users
Updated August 29, 2015

Blink No Restart

An add-on that makes the new tab much more interesting. This new-tab-replacement add-on changes your new tab page into a news feed from various blogs and websites of your choice.

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5 users
Updated August 29, 2015

One-Page Cracked No Restart

Shows Cracked.com articles in a single page.

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12 users
Updated August 23, 2015

Zawgyi-One fonts package No Restart

-Zawgyi-One script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)
Addon installs Zawgyi-One font (Zawgyi-One.ttf under SIL OFL 1.1 license) that enables proper rendering of
Zawgyi-One script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.),

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40 users
Updated August 22, 2015

touchclip-mobile No Restart

touchclip.com mobile add-on

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2 users
Updated August 22, 2015

Slickdeals Alert No Restart

This Firefox addon will provide a Firefox alert message when there is a new frontpage deal or a new deal from a custom search, which can be set in the preferences.

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26 users
Updated August 21, 2015

Д'еба No Restart

Хубавото на българския език е, че понякога с една дума можеш да кажеш хиляди неща. И коя по-многозначителна дума от звучното "деба". Ползваме я за какво ли не. А сега - вече и за да развеселим понякога тъжните и скучни новини, които ни заливат.

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30 users
Updated August 11, 2015

PraySync No Restart

Pray for one another, that you may be healed.

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18 users
Updated July 22, 2015

NP-Bypass No Restart

Gets rid of "no participation" (np.reddit.com) links from Reddit.

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29 users
Updated July 14, 2015