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One of the best! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

In its time, this was one of the best and user-friendly http headers viewer showing timeline of requests with ability to select each request, along with info (separate tab) on cookies, query strings, post data, and content received.

I realise you could do similar with the in-built dev toolbar now, but it's no where near as well laid-out or user-friendly as this great addon was!

As a result, I still use this - I just wish the developer kept it updated and developed it further.

Thank you Martin for your work on this, it has greatly helped me countless times in the past.


Good, but needs work Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this addon Justin!

1. The description about the addon states that it 'gives you an alert when detected', but I don't see any popup or other type of alert? The only way to tell appears to be if you hover over the icon to check every time. Perhaps you could introduce an option for different alert and behaviour methods?

2. In terms of usability, it would be better if the icon was initially grayed-out, and when a site using AngularJs is detected, then change the icon colour to red;

3. In the 'about' section, can you kindly say how it detects for the presence of Angular - i.e. just based on the js lib (even if it's compressed among other js libs into 1 file?), or inline attributes, etc?

4. Can you please also check for any performance issues, as the about:performance page frequently shows that it's running slow... or perhaps it may just be my setup as I have far too many tabs open?

Nevertheless, thank you again for the initial version! :)

As a side note: I absolutely detest and hate AngularJS, and whenever I come across a badly behaving, super-slow, and bloated website, it's usually Angular's fault. So I installed this addon to warn me and make it clear if I stumbled across an Angular site - and basically to close the site and venture far away!

AngularJs is one of the latest fads for hipster devs, especially the younger ones. And to show that it's a fad and a rubbish framework, even Google themselves don't "eat their dogfood" - i.e. they don't utilise it on any of their sites, especially search, maps, and mail!


Superb addon, but WARNING... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Although an excellent addon, which I've used for over a year now on multiple machines, there's some suspecious activity I've detected...

If you monitor your tcpip traffic, once in a while, this addon appears to "phone home" to check4change.com and sends usage stats along with a unique identifier, and all other addons you have installed, as well as the url of where this is used, and I think the address of other tabs which may be open.

You can check if this is doing it for you by simply checking for the 'check4change.com' unique id cookie once in a while.

I've reported this behaviour and tracking to the author several months ago, but sadly didn't receive any reply back. So I'm forced to post this here to warn others.

To defend against this spyware technique, I've blocked the check4change.com cookie and multiple domains related to this addon.

Otherwise, it's an extremely useful addon, and for this reason I'm still giving it 4 stars.

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Clueless users; superb addon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This works beautifully, if only people weren't so ignorant and actually read the description!

This addon isn't full of "trojan cookies" or "malware", etc, instead as usual, it's users being utterly clueless and not reading the addon description.

Yes, it places hundreds of opt-out cookies to signal to various advert companies to not track you.
If you don't want this feature, like me, simply go to addon options or the addon icon, click on 'opt-out cookies' section and select none.

Instead, I have selected 'all' from the 'tracker block' section, which blocks all advert companies from placing tracking cookies.

Furthermore, it also allows you to delete HTML5 storage, which can also be used to place id's, just like cookies.
And from the 'Do Not Track' option, you can set it to clear all Flash cookies on browser exit.

Others have also complained about perf issues, which I've never suffered from, and I have this addon installed on at least 4 machines and several firefox profiles. However, for me, ghostery and adblock plus have a profound impact on memory usage as well as browsing performance.

Although a superb addon, it's now in desperate need of an update, as new ad companies keep popping up, which this blocker won't recognise.

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works beautifully Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Not sure why so many bad reviews.
I've installed it on 3 different machines, running at least 8/9 different instances of firefox (different profiles), on WinXP using the latest beta version of FF v32 - and it runs beautifully and flawlessly on all those environments.

Maybe it's only a problem for linux guys?

Oh and someone said that this feel "too commercial", lol, that's quite funny considering that same person recommended Ghostery which IS a commercial ads company (Evidion) - they actually sell users data to ads companies to develop better tracking technologies!

Anyway, despite that, I have tested this addon with AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Referer Changer, Firefox Classic Theme, DuckDuckGo Plus, Firebug, and lots of other addons - seems to work beautifully without any problems.

Just install it and it blocks all tracking (unwanted) cookies, and great thing is that it clears the flash tracking cookies on shutdown, and offers a tab to clear all html5 (local storage) tracking objects.

Only problem - why has it not been updated for so long?